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The legacy of Browning firearms dates back nearly 150 years and involves some of the most famous gun models in American history and culture. Even if you’ve never held a Browning firearm, you’ll likely recognize the iconic Browning Buckmark logo. While known for their selection of bolt-action, semi-automatic, and pump-action rifles, Browning also manufactures a variety of shotguns and pistols, as well as a range of outdoor gear such as bows and fishing rods.


History of the Browning Arms Company

The Browning Arms Company was founded in 1878 by brothers John Moses Browning and Matthew Sandefur Browning in Ogden, Utah. Much of the company’s success and enduring relevance can be attributed to John’s visionary talent for firearm design. He grew up around his father’s gun shop and began designing his own sporting rifles.


John’s first single-shot rifle was a rousing success and garnered the attention of Winchester Repeating Arms. He went on to license many more designs to Winchester and the other leading gun manufacturers of the day, including FN Herstal. FN became the primary manufacturer of Browning firearms, and today Browning is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Herstal Group alongside the Winchester brand.


Browning’s slogan “The Best There Is” reflects the company’s commitment to quality and innovation. They’ve grown so popular that Browning’s influence can be felt well beyond just guns. Adopted in the 1970s, Browning’s famous Buckmark logo can be found today on hats, clothing, bags, and other products. Browning has expanded into a true outdoor brand, producing knives, flashlights, camping gear, and other outdoor lifestyle essentials.


Popular Browning Gun Models

There are many types of Browning firearms to choose from depending on your needs and preferences. Here’s an overview of several popular options, many of which you can purchase here at Gun Prime.


X-Bolt Rifle

The Browning X-Bolt is a landmark bolt-action rifle that debuted in 2008, revolutionizing the market with a series of improvements and features. It boasts a three-lever Feather Trigger which offers unparalleled feel every time you pull it. The barrel is engineered for maximum accuracy and includes a recessed muzzle crown to prevent damage. It also includes the X-Lock scope mounted with four screws instead of two in order to keep it securely in place, while the Inflex Technology recoil pad cuts down on excess recoil. If you’re looking for a bolt-action rifle that provides a level of pinpoint accuracy typically only seen in custom-built firearms, you’ve found it in the Browning X-Bolt.


A5 Shotgun

Known for its humpback receiver, the Browning A5 shotgun is a reliable, high-performance model in a long line of Browning shotguns. The original Browning Auto-5 was the first mass-produced semi-automatic shotgun, but the current model exceeds its legendary predecessor with a host of useful features. The Kinematic Drive system uses recoil energy to operate the action, making reloading the gun quick and easy in even the most extreme conditions. The A5 is also remarkably well-balanced, very light in your hands, and easy to swing. Few shotguns are easier to control under pressure. And, of course, the signature humpback-shaped receiver fits comfortably against your rib, extending your sight plane for greater accuracy.


Citori Shotgun

The Browning Citori is a double-barreled shotgun featuring an “over-and-under” design with the barrels stacked on top of one another. It evolved from the Browning Superposed shotgun, which is notable for being John Moses Browning’s final completed firearm design. Using the selector mechanism, the shooter chooses which barrel will fire first. The Citori is manufactured in a range of styles and gauges, and has become a favorite of waterfowl hunters and target shooters due to its Invector-Plus choke tube system. This allows the user to regulate shot patterns downrange, offering versatility for both hunting and target shooting purposes. The Triple Trigger system lets you adjust the finger-to-trigger length of pull between a wide checkered, narrow smooth, and wide smooth canted trigger shoe.


Cynergy Shotgun

What sets the Browning Cynergy series apart from other over-and-under shotguns is its Reverse Striker ignition system. This mechanical trigger provides a crisp feel along with the added bonuses of reduced locktime and overtravel compared to other over-and-under models. It also means there’s no chance that the second barrel will fail to fire. The Cynergy also features a MonoLock Hinge design to create a low-profile receiver. The hinge pivots on more surface area than other guns and includes rectangular locking pins for added strength. If you’re looking for an over-and-under shotgun with a more advanced design and low-profile receiver, you may prefer the Browning Cynergy over the Citori.


BAR Rifle

The Browning BAR is a series of semi-automatic rifles that includes models such as the Safari, LongTrac, ShortTrac, and Lightweight Stalker. It offers the accuracy of a bolt-action rifle in a semi-automatic firearm. The gas-operated autoloader features a 7-lug rotary bolt that reduces recoil, enhancing accuracy and ensuring a more comfortable experience for the user. The Safari comes with the option of a Ballistic Operating Shooting System (BOSS) for even greater accuracy. The BAR is available in an array of calibers ranging from big-game cartridges to magnums, making it a versatile gun for hunters and other types of users.


SA-22 Rifle

If you’re looking for a shotgun with a classic design and feel, the Browning SA-22 may be the choice for you. Also known as the Browning 22 Semi-Auto rifle, it was the first semi-automatic rifle produced in a .22 long rifle caliber. It features a takedown autoloader with bottom ejection and rear magazine tube loading. The SA-22 is also as much a work of art as it is a quality firearm. The stock and forearm are made of select American walnut, and Grade VI models feature beautiful engravings with 24k gold plating. This gun will look as great hanging above your mantle as it does in your hands while hunting in the field.


Browning Buck Mark

Browning has you covered when it comes to pistols, too. Sharing its name with the company’s distinctive logo, the Buck Mark is a semi-automatic pistol chambered for a .22 long rifle cartridge. It’s reliable and simple to use thanks to its straight blowback action. Some models feature a bull barrel, which is significantly thicker for enhanced stability. Other features include front and rear iron sights (Plus models have a fiber-optic front sight), heat-treated magazine body, and large thumb safety. The Buck Mark also comes in several grip styles including wood, laminate, and composite. If you’re interested in adding one to your collection, you can find the Browning Buck Mark for sale at Gun Prime.


Browning Hi-Power

Although no longer in production, the Browning Hi-Power pistol remains a favorite of collectors and gun enthusiasts for its timeless design and rich history. The name refers to its 13-round magazine capacity, significantly more extensive than many other handguns. The Hi-Power debuted in 1935 based on an original John Browning design and saw many improvements in the decades that followed. It became the preferred pistol of over 50 militaries around the world. The Hi-Power pistol offers a great balance between size and firepower. It features low-profile three-dot sights, light single-action trigger, and lightweight solid steel frame. Despite being discontinued in 2017, you can still experience this legendary firearm by finding the Browning Hi-Power for sale at dealers like Gun Prime.


Whether you’re buying your first Browning or the next in your collection, we offer a large selection of these and other Browning gun models perfect for hunting, target shooting, self-defense, and more.


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