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Kel-tec Sub 2000 Gen 2 9mm Glock 17 Keltec Sub2000 $100 Rebate!

$549.00 $369.00


Kel-Tec Sub2000 Rebate



Purchase a new SUB2000 from Gunprime between March 1, 2023 and March 1, 2024. Then submit a rebate form at Link below.



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New Kel-Tec Sub-2000 pistol caliber carbine chambered in 9mm Luger.

The semi-automatic Sub-2000™ is designed to be the most convenient 9mm or .40 caliber rifle available. It’s adjustable and foldable to 16.25 x 7 inches for easy storage and can accept most popular handgun magazines. Plus it can easily be disassembled for cleaning or inspection without tools. Ideal for backpacking trips and situations where space and convenience are paramount.


Caliber 9x19mm or .40S&W
Weight Unloaded 4.25lbs 1.9kg
Magazine Capacity Varies by magazine
Overall Length 30.5” 775mm
Length Collapsed 29.25” 742mm
Folded 16.25” 413mm
Barrel Length 16.25” 413mm
Twist Rate 1:10” or 1:16” 1:254mm or 1:406mm
Trigger Pull 9.5lbs 42.2N



Condition: New
Manufacturer: Kel-Tec
Model: Sub-2000
Caliber: 9mm Luger
SKU: 640832004182
UPC: 640832004182
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (44)
By Marco on 12/03/23
My experience with Keltec has been satisfying

I really like the way my sub 2000, handles. Especially for concealment if you’re looking for a 9 mm rifle, carbine. This is the way to go!

By Jerry on 11/26/23
Order was delivered to a local gun dealer with in a week. Very happy with Kel-tec gun and the way the purchase was handled.

Very happy with product!

By Sodbuster on 11/21/23
Good service from Gun Prime

Would buy it again from Gun Prime. Great to-do business with.

By Fishsmoker on 11/18/23
Fast service with no problems.

Got the gun just before leaving for Alaska. Can't wait to get back and take the sub 2000 out for a test run.

By Mick on 11/17/23
Fast and easy.

This is my second Gen. 2 Keltec Sub 2000 Glock 17 mags. A handy folding carbine that will easily fit in a standard laptop case.
A great little traveling companion. Will conceal very well and although it's "only" a 9 mm.
Much easier to get hits at longer ranges than a standard pistol. The 100.00 rebate is just icing on the cake.In these difficult financial times.

By bobby jordan on 11/13/23
Very pleased

I like , I would probably get some accessories for it Thanks.

By Keith S on 10/24/23
Great vendor

Ordered this on a Monday morning and it was at my dealer the next day. Still waiting in the rebate but that takes time. Can’t wait to go to the range

By Tony C. on 10/23/23
Easy ordering!

I like how the gun folds up to fit inside my backpack. Got it on 10/14/2023 and shoots really good. I would definitely buy this again.

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By Florida Jim on 10/19/23
Must have for any enthusiast

Picked this up a couple months back from Shipped fast, tracking info sent via email, so I knew exactly where it was at all times. Picked it up at my local FFL. Took me two weeks to get to the range.

During that time, I picked up some of the many accessories available. Butt pad, bolt grommet, Traction grip, barrel and breach cover, made my own bolt tube cover with self-adhesive neoprene. There are all kinds of DIY videos and reviews of accessories out there. Easy to find out how to customize your Sub 2000 to your liking. Also bought extra mags, one 17 round and two 33 round.

First trip to the range was a blast. I found it to have less kick than most people seem to say. Dialed in the iron sights and went to shooting. Pretty accurate out to the end of my indoor range which is 25 yards. Planning to go to an outdoor range where I can shoot out to 100 yards. Ran though 4 different brands of ammo, including self defense rounds, without a hiccup.

I will agree with those saying that it is a bit rough on your cheek with the iron sights. I painted my front sight post orange so it is much easier to pick up. Have added a quick release Crimson Trace red dot, but have yet to shoot it with that attached.

I bought a tall, thin backpack off Temu that it fits right in when folded. Looks like a regular student backpack, so no one really can tell what it is carrying.

Rebate was easy. Put everything in online on the KelTec site. Rebate was deposited in my Venmo account 5 weeks later.

Very pleased with this purchase. Both with the Sub 2000 and with Will not have any issue dealing with either for future purchases.

By kris on 10/19/23
how do I apply for the rebate?

I thought the Sub2000 would come with a little rebate form, but it did not. How do I apply for the rebate?

By Lee Yang on 10/18/23
Fast response

Got my gun pretty quick. Very excited to try it out. First time purchasing from gunprime. Just got ship to a place that have a FFL license in order for vendor to continue shipment. So contact your local store to respond to gunprime's email.

By J. Piper on 10/17/23
Best price on whole internet!

Ordering was easy and shipping was fast. No joke, gunprime had this Sub 2000 cheaper than ANYONE else and then there was the 100 off rebate on top. Ridiculous! The kel'tecs are fun guns. Might not be the most reliable on the market but I've never had any issues. Surprisingly accurate to 100 yards.

By KD on 10/16/23
Sub 9

This is my third Sub2000, and the trigger on this one is horrible. When pulling trigger back, it creeps and sticks, not even close to doom. This one is going back to Kel-Tech, the other two subs I have have been performing flawlessly.

By Paul H on 10/14/23
Fun Rifle

Nice Weapon. Folds for room if you want. Trying to figure how to remove the rear site.

By Jim on 10/02/23
Fun to shoot, easy to carry, lots of accessories available!

Ordered this Sub 2000 and it came within a few days. Picked it up from my FFL and immediately liked it. Love that it folds to a smallish package. Fits very nicely in a slim backpack that I have, easy to take along in the car or wife's SUV. I field stripped and cleaned her before taking her to the range.

First trip was without any upgrades or DIY tinkering. Sights were factory set damn good at 25 yards. Pretty accurate. No jams or feed issues. I only use brass, and that is what is recommended for the Sub 2000.

After the first range trip, I painted the front sight post orange to better pick it up. I added a Traction grip, a Missouri Tactical butt pad, and a rubber grommet to the bolt to lesson the felt recoil. I picked up a sheet of self adhesive neoprene and cut it to cover the bolt tube to lesson the recoil felt on my cheek. You really have to get low on this to properly sight (only thing that I am 50/50 on with regard to this firearm).

Also picked up a "Gummy Bear Plate" that covers the breach and barrel from dust and other things getting in there when the rifle is folded.

Rebate came in 5 weeks. Super fast versus other companies that I have dealt with.

So far, I am really enjoying the Sub 2000. For the price here and with the rebate, there is really no reason to wait. It's a fun gun to shoot and something easy for protection in the house or on the trail.

By Jay S. on 09/30/23
Fast shipping and great price

The process of buying, shipping and transfer was seamless. Did a lot of research before buying and you can't beat the price gunprime offered. The pmag that came with it was dirty and appeared to have been used before but that wasn't a big issue. Would buy again from gunprime!

By David T. on 09/29/23

I don't have a smart phone so can't take a picture of my new Kel-tec Sub 2000. Wanted to be able to get $100.00 rebate, but probably won't be able to do so. Purchased @ Hart Brothers in Mason City, Ia. Haven't used it yet . I'm sure it will work out for me just fine. Thank-you David Tvedt

By Josh on 09/21/23

Gunprime was great to buy from, and the Sub 2000 is even more impressive in person. It's incredibly compact when folded, and the ability to use 33rd factory Glock mags in it is great.

By Danny on 09/21/23
Very happy with all of the products that I have purchased through this company!

Very happy with the products they are all good quality as needed. Mostly surprised at how quickly the process orders, I will definitely order from them again!

By frank on 09/15/23
looks and feels amazing

pros: light, compact, takes g17 mags
cons: rear sight is hard to use

By Chris S on 09/14/23
Very nice gun.

Very nice gun at an excellent price. This gun is compact, accurate and fun to shoot. It accepts a 33 round Glock magazine which reduces reloading time. I can recommend only one improvement. The factory sights seem to be a bit short. Meaning I have to really lower and press my cheek tight against the stock to gain a good sight picture. Taller sights would help remedy this inconvenience. However, this gun receives a 5 star review from me. Highly recommend.

By Ro on 08/16/23
Great but for the buck

I like product it’s all of what I expected

By Jason :) on 07/28/23
Great firearm and great price and service

What an awesome deal on a convenient rifle that is currently being used by law enforcement in school in Florida to deter active shooters. As always Gunprime is the place to shop for firearms online. I would recommend grabbing one while they have the $100 rebate, which is now extended to 2024.

By Brian on 07/18/23
Love this rifle

I would highly recommend considering this gun. It’s great for blinking and it is accurate. The storage variations are nice as well.

By matt g on 07/12/23

great price, fast shipping. cool little gun. a little snappy, but not bad for the weight and the size, just have to get used to the cheek weld. company gets 5 stars, gun gets 4.

By BillBTennessee on 06/23/23
Great pricing and awesome service!

This is a great gun to go out and target shoot with and 9mm Ammo is quite inexpensive now making it a good choice! Folds down to about 16” long!

By John M on 06/21/23
Cool firearm, though I haven't had a chance to take it to the range yet.

Kel-Tec is known for building some unique firearms, and this is no exception. Purchase was easy, and price was great. Still waiting on my rebate, but I'm sure it will go through without issue. Shipped it to Cabelas without issue, and they waived the transfer fee since I bought ammo that was the same or more than the transfer fee.

By Clay on 06/14/23
Great price, fast delivery

Pleased with my purchase. The Sub 2000 was not in stock on many sites. Gun was in stock and shipped quickly.

By Rudy G on 06/14/23
Kel-tec Sub 2000 Gen 2 9mm Glock 17

Great gun at a great price. Also fast shipping & good communication from Gunprime.

By Tickey on 06/13/23
Quick and professional service with awesome gun

The carbine is practical, attractive and totally awesome

By The Stick on 05/31/23
Great efficiency.

Timely instructions for documentation. Prompt delivery. Made the order tranquil.

By NewFav on 05/30/23

I expected a fun thing, but this thing is beyond fun. Minimal recoil and accuracy is superb. Everything went right in the center at 25 yards. No jams, no problems with steel case. Super impressed.

By Forrest Story on 05/09/23
Gunprime is awesome

I really love my keltec sub 2000 and I recommend gunprime to everyone

By LD on 04/11/23
love it

Just received my KT2000 and love it. Exactly as expected. Light weight, fun to shoot, more accurate than expected for a folder.

By Brent M on 05/04/22
Fast Service and Quality Firearm

My FFL received the firearm very quickly and I was able to retrieve it from them no problem. I’ve shot a few hundred rounds through the gun no issues and everything functions perfectly. I would recommend ordering from gunprime.

By Bob L on 09/21/21
A very good resource for buying firearms….always treated well at Gunprime…

Kel tec sub 2000 is a great firearm. Would recommend to anyone….and Gunprime is a great

By Great Truck Gun! on 07/28/21
Only 16" folded, easy to carry, 2 Glock 33 round magazines and you're covered!

This is my second Sub 2000. Got the first one back in '07 and have used it often until my son adopted it. Needed another for myself and saw a great price on GunPrime. Couldn't pass it up. Get yourself a few 33 round Glock magazines and you are set. Lots of options available for it to make it the way you want. I have two AR truck guns, one .300 Blackout, other 9mm, and I tend to grab the Sub 2000 most of the time. Put an optic on it and you golden.

By Pat K on 07/21/21

I have purchased many firearms from multiple company's. Gunprime by far was the most efficient, professional to deal with. Thanks I will definitely use them again.

By Dustie on 01/26/21
The perfectly Packable Pistol Calibre Carbine

Here's what I like:
Takes Glock compatible magazines
Simple manual of arms
Backpack or large briefcase carrying ability with quick deployment

Here's what I don't like, but can be remedied.
Atrocious trigger. I knew this going in. $25 and some bench time fixes that good enough.
Needs a sling. Kel-Tec supplies one inexpensively
Needs a rubber buttplate. MOTAC supplies a good one I read
Maybe a pad on the buffer tube

I may add a red dot, which will make it a better close range tool.

The price is was higher than I would have liked, but being realistic in today's market, not too bad.

I will function test it soon.

By Dustie on 01/25/21
The perfectly Packable Pistol Calibre Carbine

Here's what I like:
Takes Glock compatible magazines
Simple manual of arms
Backpack or large briefcase carrying ability with quick deployment

Here's what I don't like, but can be remedied.
Atrocious trigger. I knew this going in. $25 and some bench time fixes that good enough.
Needs a sling. Kel-Tec supplies one inexpensively
Needs a rubber buttplate. MOTAC supplies a good one I read
Maybe a pad on the buffer tube

I may add a red dot, which will make it a better close range tool.

The price is was higher than I would have liked, but being realistic in today's market, not too bad.

I will function test it soon.

By Dell on 11/09/20

This gun is a beauty. It weighs less than 5 lbs and folds. I would strongly recommend.

By A.D. Wahl on 06/24/20
So happy I made this purchase

Couldn’t be happier with the Kel-Tec Sub 2000, light weight, compact and mags are interchangeable with my Glock handguns. Perfect fit for my big-out bag, I take it everywhere I go.

By Izzy S. on 06/12/20
Must have

As the first firearm I’ve ever purchased. I couldn’t have picked a greater teacher than the kel tec Especially the 9mm. Excellent for practice and even better for home defense. Slowly but surely I’ve been adding accessories and modding. Just because this equipment is small, doesn’t mean you can’t make it one of a kind. Very soon I’m going to get the sub2k 20. Cal for marksman practice. I’ve already ordered the bipod. And remember m*carbo is your best friend when it comes to this firearm. The 9mm has yet to jam after firing off over 100 rounds through the standard g17 mag and the g22 extended 33 round. Cleaning is easy and straight forward. I got a little crafty and just added a 50 round drum to my list of orders for my piece. The most outstanding aspect is the security it brings to your home. It’s small and easy to conceal in a lap top bag next to my desk with better accuracy velocity and Stabability Than Most handguns including a glock. Worth every penny.

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By Jay The Great on 06/11/20
Pull the trigger

I love this gun, very accurate. I was on the fence for a long time as far as whether or not I wanted to get it but I am glad I did....

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