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KEL TEC KS7 12/18.5 3" BLK


Kel Tec KS7BLK Lightweight Personal Defense Shotgun
Slide Action
12 Gauge
18.5" Barrel
Black Finish
3" Chamber
Overall Length 26.1"

Keltec KS7 12 GA KS-7 KSG Kel-Tec 6+1 Capacity KS7BLK

$599.00 $349.00


Kel-Tec has done it again with their latest innovation, the KS7 shotgun. This compact, lightweight 12-gauge pump-action shotgun is perfect for home defense or any outdoor activity where a reliable and efficient shotgun is needed. The KS7 boasts ambidextrous handling, a carry handle, and a sleek and visually appealing design.

KS7 Features:

  • Compact size for easy handling, storage, and transport
  • Ambidextrous handling
  • Carry handle for easy portability
  • 12-gauge pump-action
  • Synthetic stock


Feature Specification
UPC Code 640832007787
Manufacturer Kel-Tec
Manufacturer Part Number KS7BLK
Model KS-7
Action Pump
Caliber 12 Gauge
Barrel Length 18.5"
Overall Length 26.1"
Length of Pull 13"
Finish Black
Stock Synthetic
Unloaded Weight 5.9 lbs
Chamber 3"
Capacity 6 rounds
Subcategory Defensive Shotguns
Categories: Pump Action Shotguns
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Kel-Tec
Caliber: 12 GA
SKU: 640832007787
UPC: 640832007787
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (5)
By BK Ray on 11/14/23
Great purchase...More than satisfied

Love the quality of my new Keltec KS7...
Feels great can't wait to get to the range with it.

By A on 08/17/23
Innovative, Different, and Fun!

A very fun shotgun to play with, although you do have to get used to the bullpump configuration. Bought to have a relatively compact shotgun that also has a full length barrel, as well as being fairly lightweight for backpacking/hiking in areas in the Smokies -read black bear. Got an absolutely fantastic deal on sale as well, paid $225 less than dealers in the area (thank you gunprime and BPW as always).

By me on 07/22/23
smooth action

Ran a box of 25 well, as-is with factory grease. Loaded fine. Just kept firing hand on grip and flipped elbow up. Even “port loaded” (through its cloaca) the first round before slapping the slide forward. I only shot 1000fps 1oz, so shoulder was fine but thumb on slide already wasn’t comfortable against the flared stop. Not a lot of room for other holds, nor any way to attach a vertical grip. May get better results by reversing the push-pull technique, as one does with sub-guns or PDWs.

Huge bead sight barely kept slugs on vitals at 25yds. For reference I did better with the 22 handgun that day. (See image with both on same target.) Swapping to a rail and giraffe mount micro optic before testing outdoors.

I wish it accepted chokes, as even flitecontrol buckshot benefits from IC or sometimes M. Yes, I’ve already purchased and fitted the aftermarket adapter for remchokes for the ks7 but I have my reservations and will do more looking over before I get the courage to test fire that. Might just give up as I have a proper mount on the way for my Salvo 12. (Suppressor was the whole point of switching to a bullpup. See image comparing to my tastelessly painted 18” 870. Again, haven’t test fired with custom concepts adapter.)

Transaction and shipping were uneventful and price was competitive.

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By Bert F Curbeaux on 09/24/20
to much an didn't have color I bought Grab a gun cheaper by 400.00

Not the rt color over paid ,by 350,00 Grab a Gun has black and cheaper.Other wise service was great.

By Upgrade on 08/22/20
Jury is still out

Followed the manual to disassemble and put it back together. Got double feeds and the pump jammed to the rear just left me I read on some YouTube post. I’ll test at the range before sending back to Keltec

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