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KEL TEC KS7 12/18.5 3" BLK


Kel Tec KS7BLK Lightweight Personal Defense Shotgun
Slide Action
12 Gauge
18.5" Barrel
Black Finish
3" Chamber
Overall Length 26.1"

Keltec KS7 12 GA KS-7 KSG Kel-Tec 6+1 Capacity KS7BLK

$599.00 $447.00


Kel-Tec has done it again with their latest innovation, the KS7 shotgun. This compact, lightweight 12-gauge pump-action shotgun is perfect for home defense or any outdoor activity where a reliable and efficient shotgun is needed. The KS7 boasts ambidextrous handling, a carry handle, and a sleek and visually appealing design.

KS7 Features:

  • Compact size for easy handling, storage, and transport
  • Ambidextrous handling
  • Carry handle for easy portability
  • 12-gauge pump-action
  • Synthetic stock


Feature Specification
UPC Code 640832007787
Manufacturer Kel-Tec
Manufacturer Part Number KS7BLK
Model KS-7
Action Pump
Caliber 12 Gauge
Barrel Length 18.5"
Overall Length 26.1"
Length of Pull 13"
Finish Black
Stock Synthetic
Unloaded Weight 5.9 lbs
Chamber 3"
Capacity 6 rounds
Subcategory Defensive Shotguns
Categories: Pump Action Shotguns
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Kel-Tec
Caliber: 12 GA
SKU: 640832007787
UPC: 640832007787
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (8)
By Kel-Tec KS7 on 02/17/24
Meeting expectations

The shotgun checks a lot of boxes. Light, compact and easy to handle. Haven't had it out yet but everything works smoothly and as advertised.

By Michael Rock on 01/25/24
Better than i Expected

I own the PMR-30 and RDB 5.56. that being said i wanted to try the ks7 or ksg shotgun. The price was excellent and made my decision for me to get the KS7. Having received it in record time i opened the box and immediately picked up some ammo to try. I ran Remington #4 buckshot in 2 3/4 and Federal Mini shells in #4. Overall i am very pleased with it. i have to say the sight i find to be excellent. I only had a few malfunctions with failure to load the shortys due the the little rounds tend to rotate during the cycling phase. Not the shotguns fault as its rated for 2 3/4 and 3" shells. I am happy with it.

By Mr Josh on 01/23/24
Awesome gun

I would like to say it's a great compact lightweight shotgun you could keep in your truck or on the side by side. Love kel tec products and at this price can't bet the deal.

By BK Ray on 11/14/23
Great purchase...More than satisfied

Love the quality of my new Keltec KS7...
Feels great can't wait to get to the range with it.

By A on 08/17/23
Innovative, Different, and Fun!

A very fun shotgun to play with, although you do have to get used to the bullpump configuration. Bought to have a relatively compact shotgun that also has a full length barrel, as well as being fairly lightweight for backpacking/hiking in areas in the Smokies -read black bear. Got an absolutely fantastic deal on sale as well, paid $225 less than dealers in the area (thank you gunprime and BPW as always).

By me on 07/22/23
smooth action

Ran a box of 25 well, as-is with factory grease. Loaded fine. Just kept firing hand on grip and flipped elbow up. Even “port loaded” (through its cloaca) the first round before slapping the slide forward. I only shot 1000fps 1oz, so shoulder was fine but thumb on slide already wasn’t comfortable against the flared stop. Not a lot of room for other holds, nor any way to attach a vertical grip. May get better results by reversing the push-pull technique, as one does with sub-guns or PDWs.

Huge bead sight barely kept slugs on vitals at 25yds. For reference I did better with the 22 handgun that day. (See image with both on same target.) Swapping to a rail and giraffe mount micro optic before testing outdoors.

I wish it accepted chokes, as even flitecontrol buckshot benefits from IC or sometimes M. Yes, I’ve already purchased and fitted the aftermarket adapter for remchokes for the ks7 but I have my reservations and will do more looking over before I get the courage to test fire that. Might just give up as I have a proper mount on the way for my Salvo 12. (Suppressor was the whole point of switching to a bullpup. See image comparing to my tastelessly painted 18” 870. Again, haven’t test fired with custom concepts adapter.)

Transaction and shipping were uneventful and price was competitive.

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By Bert F Curbeaux on 09/24/20
to much an didn't have color I bought Grab a gun cheaper by 400.00

Not the rt color over paid ,by 350,00 Grab a Gun has black and cheaper.Other wise service was great.

By Upgrade on 08/22/20
Jury is still out

Followed the manual to disassemble and put it back together. Got double feeds and the pump jammed to the rear just left me I read on some YouTube post. I’ll test at the range before sending back to Keltec

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