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The P17 handgun is a compact, accurate, and versatile semi-auto pistol. Despite its size and weight of fewer than 14 ounces fully loaded, the P17 has several features such as a threaded barrel, Picatinny-style accessory rail, ambidextrous safety, ambidextrous magazine release, and three 16-round magazines, all of which come standard. The excellent trigger, adjustable rear sight, and fiber optic front sight also contribute to its accuracy and make it a great training tool for both new and experienced shooters. 


Feature Detail
Family P17 Series
Model P17
Type Semi-auto Pistol
Action Double Action Only
Finish Blue
Frame Polymer Frame
Grips Black Polymer
Special Feature Threaded Barrel Model
Weight 0.8 lbs.
Caliber .22 LR
Magazine Capacity 16
Number of Magazines 3
Magazine Description 16 Rd.
Barrel Length 3.93"
Overall Length 6.65"
Sights Adjustable Rear, Fiber Optic Front
Safety External Safety
Manufacturer Part # P17BLK
UPC 6408320079093
Categories: Semi Auto Pistols
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Kel-Tec
Model: P17
Caliber: 22 LR
SKU: 640832007909
UPC: 640832007909
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (84)
By WoodDuck on 06/14/24
Fun little pistol

Shoots good with a few jams during the break in period. Fewer jams with copper plated round nose Aquilas

By Azrael on 03/06/24
Fast shipping, good plinker, well built product

No problems with the pistol, shot well from the start. Must use HV ammo (works well with Aguila 40 grain copper plated HV .22 LR). quite satisfied overall.

By Indutrad on 02/29/24
Professional, and prompt delivery

Love my Keltec P17 but have not used it yet

By John on 02/21/24
So far, so good.

The grip is a bit narrow, but my hands aren't very large so that's no big deal, and doesn't effect how I shoot the gun. The next thing isn't exactly a problem either, for the price I'm not inclined to complain but I'll mention it. The trigger is weird. It's not heavy, it's good in that respect. It's that there is no wall or break, just some take up until it fires. I haven't had a single malfunction with it so far and am pleased with it. If only I could find a suppressor that doesn't cost twice as much as the gun itself I'd really be happy.

By paul on 02/11/24
secure reliable purchase, shipped the nest day!

The P17 is a great gun very reliable! price was the best on the internet.

By Rangerteq65 on 02/06/24
unbeatable price

Simple to operate 22, bought it for my father in law who has some problems charging a long slide, this worked out perfectly, the P17 fires smooth is super light and easy to conceal, the old man loves it, once prices come down I will snap up a desert tan model for my go bag!

By Rick on 01/30/24
Great site

The gun is great so was my experience buy a gun online.

By Sean on 01/25/24
Happy customer!

Great product from a great company! Customer service is also top notch! I recommend this company to anyone and will definitely buy from them again.

By Robert on 01/24/24
Great Deal

Great deal. Great people to deal with will buy again !!

By Curt on 01/24/24
Good, arrived on time

This is my 2nd P17. It appears it's going to need a lot of break in... It's not as accurate as the first one (2000 rounds). The new piece just seems to be tighter. I love these little guns because they are very light weight and soft shooting... this is just what I need for my old arthritic hands and wrists. (My 9mm, 38's, and 357 are too harsh and painful) So, the fun of shooting may go on for a few more years.

By Dan on 01/22/24
Wonderful firearm!

I bought this firearm specifically to use in my concealed carry class. What a wonderful gun! It shoots amazing and very accurate! definitely easy to shoot! No issues whatsoever. What more can you ask for? And last but not least, very affordable!!! Did not break my bank! Get one, you won't regret it!

By Bpol on 01/20/24

Great price fast shipping

By Jaime on 01/20/24
Excellent service

I really enjoyed my firearm. They offered excellent service and it came in good quality

By Doug B on 01/19/24
Great little gun

Very lightweight and easy to shoot. This gun is a great deal price wise and just as good in the quality. Very easy to keep as a in a car or concealed carry. Would definitely buy again from Gunprime!

By PinkyToe16 on 01/18/24
Quick and professional

I was looking for this gun for a while for my wife I found it here on sale and between Taxes, shipping, and the ffl fee, it was still cheaper than the next cheapest gun. I will buy from them again.

By Jim on 01/18/24
Looks great

Have not shot yet. Looks good

By Jim on 01/18/24
Looks great

Have not shot yet. Looks good

By Desert Eagle Florida on 01/16/24
Great purchase

Kel-Tec P17 22 LR Pistol P17BLK 16 Round Magazine
Nice precise good size for a 22
Is not tiny works better if you load the magazine with 15 rounds, fully loaded tends to jam in the first shot

By Rlane43 on 01/14/24

Hi. I got this gun and straight out of the box it performed flawlessly! After reading a ton of reviews I saw that most of the problems seemed to be with the early releases. I didn’t even have to adjust the sights and the trigger is better than most.about 200 rounds and still not a single failure. Using cci hi velocity and semi auto quiets. My wife has nerve damage to her hands and even she can rack this gem of a gun. Love the innovative design with lever mag release! Thinking of buying another for her.

By nub2 on 01/13/24
purchasing and shipping went without a hitch. quick responses to e-mails.

unfortunately the weather has been bad so haven't had a chance to to try it out. the gun appears to be well constructed and can't wait to get out to the range.

By BW on 01/13/24
Super fast shipping

Gun prime always have great deals and super fast shipping they respect there customers and I will always buy from them there prices can’t be beat by anyone

By Ricker on 01/10/24
Excellent Company

Gunpprime is an awesome company to deal with. Excellent products and impeccable customer service. Products are as advertised or better.

By Joe on 01/10/24
Great gun!

The P-17 shots well. Having fun so far.

By Phillip W on 01/10/24
Great Price! Great Pistol! Shipped Fast!

Great Price! Great Pistol! Shipped Fast!
Putting a green dot laser on it today!

By Rod on 01/09/24
First time out

Cannot complain about build quality of pistol due to the price factor. For a bolt together gun no complaints. Nice to have 3 magazines and threaded barrel adapter at additional cost. Ran about 140 rounds first time out. Had 2 failures of not ejecting round before next round loaded.

By Mitchell on 01/03/24

Good fast an friendly service recommend my family to them

By Mooselips on 12/13/23
Nice delivery

Haven't shot it yet. But added Talon grips...great!

By Shooter on 12/08/23
Keltec p17 22lr pistol

The keltec has become the 10/22 of the 22lr pistol world! Its 5 star!

By 13colonypatriot on 11/23/23
Keltec P17

Very simple, well designed, lightweight, reliable, durable, accurate 22lr pistol. Its a keltec so its unique, but in a good way! Great for EDC, or a camping trip. Great for everything from self defense, to fun, or training a loved one, this pistol has you covered. Its a 5 star! Gunprime is an Excellent company. Thanks

By J L on 11/14/23
Fast shipping and great service

Received the pistol faster than I expected love the product ,so far haven't had a chance to use it yet. Would buy again from gun prime

By Donald on 11/06/23
Prompt service and fast delivery

I have another Kel Tech and lam satisfied with function and price. The K 17 is accurate and l wish Kel Tec made a 9mm using the same design.

By Gerald Gillham on 11/04/23
Everything been great!!!

I really like the way it feels Everybody seems to like the gun. haven’t had much time to use the gun. I know it’s really gonna be fine..

By Eddie on 11/03/23
Kel Tech P17

Ordered this P17 it was shipped on time and arrived when it said it would. I have not fired it yet seems like a good light side arm

By Charles on 11/01/23
The perfect handgun for beginners

This gun is amazing! Very smooth when you shoot it, light weight and there's barely any recoil. I would recommend this gun to anyone who is a first time buyer. Perfect for target practicing. I also would like to thank Edwin Sarkissian for mentioning go to gunprime.

By JR on 10/31/23
Another Great Experience with Kel-tec

This Pistol is Eagle Eye Accurate out of the box, firing .22lr Federal automatch ammo! No recoil allows for super fast target acquisition at 20 yards down range in low light conditions. Runs flawlessly. Three 17 round mags. Light weight and easy to carry. AmBi Safety and Mags, front p-rail, and threaded barrel. Wow-just Wow!
Lighting fast shipping from Gunprime. And a great price.

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By Sully on 10/25/23
Proud owner of another Kel-Tec

Still breaking it in with less than 100 rounds of Federal bulk white box 1200 fps. The P17 is as fun to shoot as my S&W Victory 22 LR. So far the only complaint is that the first round of most of the magazines don't like to go all the way into battery. A little tap forward chambers it. Confident that this will resolve itself by putting more rounds though it. I did buy an after market speed loader made specifically for the P17, which is a big help! Oh & did I tell you I only paid $159.00 for it? That was kind of a no brainier. All & all I have been pleased with all of my Kel-Tec purchases & the P17 is no different.

By G.Palmer on 10/23/23
Highly satisfied!

I like the overall value I got with the kel-tec p17 22lr pistol. The price point is the lowest entry level semi auto 22lr I could find. I would recommend it to anyone who asks me about a first pistol. Mine have worked flawlessly out of the box. I have put about 500 rounds down range between the 2 p17s I have with no issues other than the expected duds from cheap bulk 22lr ammo. I enjoy how light it is. The controls and trigger are pretty good for the price. It's accurate enough to 18 inch ring steel targets out to about 25 yards for me and my family. More practice could probably improve on that. It comes with 3 16 round mags which are a little more difficult to load than some other 22lr mags. Overall a very good pistol.

By Kel-Tec P17 22 LR Pistol P17BLK 16 Round Magazine on 10/23/23
Kel-Tec P17 22 LR Pistol P17BLK 16 Round Magazine


By Jim N on 10/23/23
purchased two of the Kel-Tec 22s loaded the six mags 16 rounds each fired 48 rounds in each pistol no malfunctions I’ll head in a 5 inch circle at about 40 feet very pleased.

The mags all work perfect but I have doubts about how long they will last since they are solid plastic.

By Jim N on 10/23/23
purchased two of the Kel-Tec 22s loaded the six mags 16 rounds each fired 48 rounds in each pistol no malfunctions I’ll head in a 5 inch circle at about 40 feet very pleased.

The mags all work perfect but I have doubts about how long they will last since they are solid plastic.

By Night stalker 160 on 10/21/23
Smooth and accurate

The loaded weight is amazing. Unboxed it, lubed it, loaded it and put 100 rounds of 5 different brands of ammo on target. No FTF's/FTE's. Installed the barrel thread converter and put another 100 rounds on target with an AAC can. I own many .22 pistols and this little Kel-Tec has moved to pole position! Buy one, it's a no brainer!

By Lomi on 10/21/23
Keltec p17

For price point great pistol can’t go wrong with it
And gun prime excellent fast shipping service definitely worth every single penny

By Bryan R on 10/21/23
Kel-Tec excellent price

The Kel-Tec p17 is a very nice lightweight handgun comes with three very lightweight 16 round magazines great price shoots very well it only weighs 14 oz loaded very easy to conceal and Gun prime is a great place to to purchase firearms they're super fast on shipping and they have super low prices. the p17 is a fun little pistol to shoot

By Matt on 10/21/23
Awesome for the $$

It's honestly not an amazing gun BUT for less than $200 it comes with a lot. ( 3 mags, threaded barrel, fiber front sight, rear sight is adjustable and it's ambidextrous). Good gun for beginners, easy to rack and the trigger is a light 3lb. It fun to have around with how cheap 22lr is these days.

By CW on 10/19/23
Unique .22 that cycles flawlessly

The features on the pistol (and three 16-round magazines) make it a good buy. I function tested mine with 8 cartridge brands and styles including 36 & 38 grain hollow-points and it cycled them all flawlessly. If you want a target pistol for competition shooting, get a Ruger or Browning with a long barrel (for a few hundred dollars more). If you want a unique plinking pistol that is inexpensive, light weight and fun to shoot, then consider the Kel-Tec P17. If you have serious interest, google "Kel-Tec P17 Reviews" and look at the review by .22Plinkster. My experience has been similar to his.

By Bob S on 10/19/23
Great buying experience and fast shipping.

Light weight with ambidextrous safety and magazine releases that are easily used. Fun to shoot. It comes with 3 16 round magazines, a threaded barrel and a thread adapter. All for a low price.

By Pilotknob on 10/19/23
Excellent service

The Keltec P 17 is a fun little pistol to shoot.

By CBR277 on 10/19/23
Fun gun.

Shoots great eats anything awesome little plinker.

By Good Little Pistol on 10/18/23
Worth the Money

This is my second P-17. It has a lot of good features its very light weight and compact. They both have excellent trigger pulls on then and are accurate Well worth the money. I place them in my Tackle boxes for protection of critters. I don't have any complaints about these pistols.

By Texx on 10/18/23

This is my second P17, now my daughter can shoot with me. Gun runs great. Gunprime shipped quickly and had the best price anywhere. Would gladly buy from again.

By Ivan on 10/18/23
Very nice gun

Very good no problem

By Guy on 10/18/23
Great so far

Like them,got500 rounds no problem.Easy to load, I'm gonna get a speed loader a little hard after awhile.Bilt well.

By Phillip on 10/17/23
Love the gun

I like the way it shoots nice and light not bad on kick back but hate the clips they say 16 rds I have only got 11 in mine and they need a slide on the side of the clips to help with the loading. The clips are a pain in the butt to load.

By Phillip on 10/17/23
Love the gun

I like the way it shoots nice and light not bad on kick back but hate the clips they say 16 rds I have only got 11 in mine and they need a slide on the side of the clips to help with the loading. The clips are a pain in the butt to load.

By larry prior on 10/12/23

very nice

By K4x4man on 10/11/23
Light little gun

I only have it about a week but right out of the box it shoots nice, shot small water bottles at 10 yards. This thing is so light you hardly know it is on your hip. Fast shipping, comes with three mags and hard case. Nice little gun.

By Gregory carver on 10/06/23
bought 4 wife she loves it.

lightweight fits wife's hand perfect well satisfied with p17 may end up getting myself one.

By Higgins on 10/03/23
Fun to shoot, with a couple of notes

I love the size, weight and capacity of this gun. It's accurate, comfortable to shoot and by far the easiest slide I've ever racked. I did have to push it into battery on numerous occasions during the 100 round break in, after which I cleaned and oiled it. It shot flawlessly afterwards. The mags are a bit harder to load than many others, and are stiff to lock into the well, but I'm hoping that wanes with use. For well under $200, you are not going to beat this gun.

By Richard on 09/28/23
Great price no tax

Cheapest price I found with no tax

User uploaded images:

By Clay Simmons on 09/26/23
Seller has a huge selection of guns always at fair prices.

The Kel Tec pistol is a great value and a good gun.

By Ronbo on 08/15/23
Very easy process, from start to finish.

Had not taken the gun to a shooting range yet, but was easy to understand the mechanics. Super light feels like a toy but we all know its not.

By Great pistol!! on 08/11/23
Love it!

I love this lightweight pistol and all the options that comes with the package. Can't get a better deal than this for the price.

By Excellent!! on 08/11/23
Order made easy

Never had a better experience by ordering on line. Staff was friendly and courteous. Will order from them again.

By Payner44 on 07/28/23
Awesome pistol!!

You can’t beat this pistol for the price! This is why it’s usually hard to find and typically prices much higher. Just get one and be happy!!

By Robert on 07/26/23
Gunprime is excellent !

P-17 is great little pistol. Right out of the box functioned perfectly.

By farmerpug on 07/19/23
well worth the price........

under $200 you can't beat the price, comes with 3 mags and a Fiber Optic Front Sight.. good gun , shoots real nice. the only prop is, I don't load more then 12-13 rounds, mag gets tough to load more.

By Pew pew 22 on 07/12/23
Nice small cheap gun

While I have not shot my own, I had the experience of shooting one both with and without a silencer. I was impressed enough to purchase it. Fun plinking gun and a great learning tool. Plus, it’s a .22 so it’s cheap enough to go to the range with and plink 300+ rounds in an hour and not feel it in your wallet.

By Old Timer on 07/10/23
Great Plinker

I love this .22 LR! Cycled 100 rounds of mini mag, no issues at all. Nice fiber optic sight. 3 mags is a nice feature. Can't go wrong on this one. Really quick turnaround from Gunprime as always!

By NottaGeek on 07/09/23
Nice price, nice size, 3 mags

Unfortunately, my rights to purchase this firearm have been cabcelled by the Colorado legislature and idiot governor. Limit is 15 rounds to a magazine. 16 is considered "high capacity'. Such nonsense!!!!

By Paul Saver on 07/08/23
Solid little .22

I like kel-tec firearms.. they are cool and this one is no different. A couple of hundred rounds one day one, and not one hiccup. Added bonus: my p17 fired two mags of CCI stingers .22 perfectly. I would carry this p17 with stingers loaded.. no problem.

By Russell on 07/07/23
Kel-Tec P17

Great product that I have been trying to buy for 3 years and the prices were too high or couldn't find it available. Best price ever on a great product and fast shipping. Truly delightful process and thank you to GUNPRIME!

By John on 07/07/23
Great price and fast delivery

Love the P17 very light weight, comfortable handling, pretty accurate handgun and well balanced

By DaveGA on 07/06/23
Great Shooter

This is my second Kel-Tec, and like the PMR-30, this P-17 is a great gun. Lightweight and easy to work. Spot on at the range. Got it for a steal from Gun Prime, so check out their inventory.

User uploaded images:

By Marketlegend on 06/25/23
Great little gun for the price

Out the door price was 220 bucks so was expecting much, however was very impressed with this plinkster. Magazines are kinda tough to load, luckily there are 3 of them and they hold 16 so more range fun. Unloaded weight is approx 12 ozs, super light gun and feels cheap, but this little guy delivers! Ran approx 300 rnds of bulk ammo through this and just one ftf, my other higher end rimfires average one every magazine with the cheap stuff. If you like plinking with cheap bulk ammo this is the gun for you. Also has a very light trigger!

By kenley on 04/22/23
So glad I found one.

What an awesome little pistol! I broke it in by shooting up a coffee can 1/2 full of range "leftovers" from probably the last 10 years. All brands and bullet shapes. All degrees of discoloration from bright and shiny to dull grey and light green. I had one failure to fire, but it showed a good firing pin strike.
Just yesterday, we took it out and rand around 150 rounds through it. It hasn't missed a lick. It seems to shoot a good group, but both range trips were with high cross winds.

By kenley on 04/05/23
So glad I found one.

I was surprised by the accuracy of this little pistol. I took it right out of the box to my shooting range. I had an old tobacco pouch with approximately 100 rounds of mixed, old, ugly ammo. I ran them all through the
P17 without a hitch. The trigger is the best of any of my target .22s Even with the short barrel, it shoots about the same as my MkII Ruger and out shoots my M22 S&W. I can't get over that Trigger. Get one,if you can find it.

By kenley on 04/05/23
So glad I found one.

I was surprised by the accuracy of this little pistol. I took it right out of the box to my shooting range. I had an old tobacco pouch with approximately 100 rounds of mixed, old, ugly ammo. I ran them all through the
P17 without a hitch. The trigger is the best of any of my target .22s Even with the short barrel, it shoots about the same as my MkII Ruger and out shoots my M22 S&W. I can't get over that Trigger. Get one,if you can find it.

By Keith on 02/21/23

I everything about it only had a couple of weeks shot a couple of hundred rounds well satisfied

By Pat R on 12/23/22
Great service

This is a Christmas present for my wife so as far as the operations of the handgun I will have to update after it's first or second time at the range.

By Bob on 12/22/22
Great .22

When the P17 first came out, it apparently had its share of problems but they have apparently been rectified. Mine has been flawless. No failures to feed, fire or eject so far. Anyone who shoots .22 regularly know that a failure to fire is inevitable - it's just the nature of rimfire ammo - but not so far. The trigger is good and I love the mag release paddles. The mags load easily to capacity - just wish I could find more in stock somewhere. It shot a little left but I'll adjust the sights. It's so thin and light that it's completely unnoticeable carried in the pocket of my hoodie. I'm thinking of getting a optics plate from Ebay and mounting a red dot, which will increase bulk a bit. I've already installed a Hogue grip sleeve for a Glock 43 which has improved the grip without significantly thickening it.
I also have a TX22, which I love but I think the P17 is going to replace it as number one. The grip ergos are far superior on the Taurus but the Keltec feels lighter, smaller and conceals better while still providing a full grip and equal capacity.

By Gilly’s Guns on 12/17/22

Awesome 22 pistol. Watch the video below to see what I think of the p-17


By Matt debord on 05/10/22
Absolutely wonderful peice

Great little plinker, extremely accurate with many different cheap ammo. Great service and response from gunprime as well. Thanks guys

By Jim M on 12/16/21
Very nice inexpensive pistol

I purchased the Kel-Tec P17 after a recommendation from a friend. I was very surprised with the performance and accuracy of such an inexpensive pistol. It is extremely light weight and came with three magazines. It would be an excellent choice for beginners.

By Gunfan on 06/11/20
Paid more to get what I want

Operates very well , easy takedown , like the fact that it came with three mags .
Paid much more than other places and even more than retail but I was tired of waiting for it to be in stock.

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