Used Ruger Police Carbine 40 S&W PC4 16" Barrel 04851 Circa 2002

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The Ruger Police Carbine PC4, chambered in .40 S&W, is a robust and reliable firearm designed for law enforcement and civilians. Manufactured circain2002, this model features a 16-inch barrel that balances accuracy and maneuverability, making it suitable for various shooting scenarios, including home defense and range practice. The PC4 is known for its straightforward blowback operation, which ensures dependable performance and ease of maintenance.


The Ruger Police Carbine PC4 is not just about power and performance. It's also about comfort and ease of use. Equipped with a sturdy synthetic stock that is durable and resistant to harsh conditions, this model also includes adjustable iron sights, allowing for precise aiming and quick target acquisition. Its ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip and intuitive handling, enhancing the shooting experience for both new and experienced shooters alike. The overall build quality of the PC4 reflects Ruger's commitment to producing firearms that are both functional and reliable.


As a used firearm, this Ruger PC4 shows signs of light use. Still, it remains in good condition, maintaining its functionality and performance. Its historical significance as a police carbine adds a layer of collectibility and interest for enthusiasts. Whether looking for a dependable carbine for practical use or adding a piece of law enforcement history to your collection, the Ruger Police Carbine PC4 in .40 S&W is a noteworthy choice.

Categories: Semi Auto Rifles
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Ruger
Model: PC Carbine
Caliber: 40 S&W
SKU: PC42002
MPN: 04851
Vendor: Gunprime
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