Used Remington 7615 Police 556 Nato Pump Action 16" Barrel 1- 30 Round PMAG

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We have a small lot of Police trade Remington 7615 Police models in 556 Nato. All are in alike condition. All ship with one 30 round capacity PMAG. But 100 round drums are also availbale seperately.


The Remington 7615 Police in 5.56 NATO is a distinctive pump-action rifle designed with law enforcement applications in mind. The Model 7615 Police boast the familiar handling and reliability of Remington's renowned pump-action designs while chambered in the versatile 5.56 NATO round. It is compact, with a 16-inch barrel, making it an ideal choice for quick maneuverability and response situations. The black matte synthetic stock and parkerized finish on the metalwork combine to give the 7615 Police a sleek, professional look for its intended law enforcement use.

At the heart of the Remington 7615 Police is a pump-action mechanism, delivering a unique blend of speed and reliability not commonly seen in rifles chambered for this round. It's compatible with AR-15 style magazines, a significant advantage in ease and availability. This model sports a 16-inch barrel, aiding in maneuverability without excessively compromising accuracy or muzzle velocity. The short barrel and the lightweight synthetic stock make the 7615 Police an excellent choice for patrol use or home defense.

Beyond the technical aspects, owning a Remington 7615 Police in 5.56 NATO represents a unique law enforcement history. The rifle's tactical design and role as a police service weapon lend an air of authenticity and history to it. Whether for practical use, a collector's item, or a conversation piece, the Remington 7615 Police in 5.56 NATO offers a distinctive experience for firearm enthusiasts.

Categories: Pump Action Rifles
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Remington
Model: 7615
Vendor: Gunprime
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