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This TNW converted semi automatic M31 Soumi Tanker pistol not only meets federal guidelines, but replicates an interesting variant of the classic Finnish KP-31 submachinegun, the tanker, which had its stock shortened it increase maneuverability in tight quarters such as those in an armored vehicle. It features a 12 - 1/2" parkerized round barrel chambered in 9mm Para, ventilated barrel shroud, partridge front sight, tangent rear graduated to 500 meters, a detachable 71 round surplus drum magazine, and wooden grooved pistol grip. CONDIITON: Very good. Vast majority of the reapplied parkerized finish is retained with light evidence of use and scattered handling marks. Magazine serviceable with portions of original finish retained. Fine bright bore with crisp rifling. Functions appropriately when cycled by hand.

Categories: Semi Auto Pistols
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: TNW Firearms
Model: SUOMI M31
Caliber: 9mm Luger
SKU: 3119
Vendor: Gunprime
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