Steyr Special Forces SF 3X OPTIC FOR AUG STG-77 A3 M1 Scope

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Made using some high quality German glass from a very well known company that can't be disclosed for contract reasons.


The newly developed and issued AUG 3x 60mm SF Mildot optic. The SF 3x is the latest in the longline of AUG integral optics. Designed for extended combat in the Alpine environments of central Europe, the SF 3x is constructed for 70 series aluminum and sports a simple but precise adjustment system for absolute reliability in adverse conditions.

Categories: Accessories
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Steyr Arms
Model: 3X
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (3)
By Miker on 03/19/24
Amazing optic

Very clear glass, nice simple classic reticle. Field of view is average when compared to an ACOG but it is worth it for the OEM fit and finish and is offered at a great price point.

Worth noting this sits 10mm lower than the standard optics as it is designed to have a red dot mounted on the top. Steyr USA sells a spacer to raise it up to normal height.

Also the US made Augs have a more pure black finish so this scope appears slightly grey.

Attached photo is with the 10mm spacer installed.

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By Demolish61 on 02/22/24
Good accurate scope

Good accurate scope

By Ayman on 02/16/24
Buy with confidence

Authentic product. I’m extremely happy they were able to get the AUG optic as I was all over the market looking around for one. Can’t thank you enough!

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