Perfect Limit Designated Puller Automatic Jerk Rig Model 1 w/Battery Box

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The Perfect Limit Designated Puller Automatic Jerk Rig is mounted on the frame with a 12V low RPM motor that controls the pulley arm. The frame also holds the battery box (In Model 1), which includes all the wiring that is sealed and waterproof. The "DP" is adjustable up and down the anchor pole for different water depths. The Standard pole allows for use in water depths up to 3FT. The machine will work with any jerk string. Model 1 with Battery Pack What's included: One Machine One Prewired Box that is foam filled for a Secure Battery Fit One Standard 2 Piece, 4FT Pole (Works in water up to 3FT) One Pulley Arm One Rubber Box Strap One Allen Key Wrench to keep collar tight on motor. Battery Not Included (12V 12AH AGM Battery Recommended)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Perfect Limit Outdoors
SKU: DUN-36164
Vendor: Dunns
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