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These short firearms were used either from horseback or while on one knee, leading to their name. This example, with partial-round-slabsided to round barrel, measures 1 - 1/2" at the bell/ Barrel has been extensively inlaid with silver in what appear to be floral designs; 4 designs over breech measuring approximately 4", with a central line leading to muzzle where it expands to envelop muzzle, approximately 2 - 1/2" from the bell. Flat lock with bridled frizzen, swan neck cock, and faceted pan inlaid with silver en suite with barrel. Stock with numerous areas of incised and relief carving of geometrics, toe line with a depiction of a rather angry looking goat. Wrist and butt with basketweave checkering. Sling bar with ring mounted on left side of stock, opposite lock.

Good. Barrel has been polished in the European fashion some time ago, with spotted darkness and tarnished silver. Stock is good with silver inlay tarnished throughout and numerous bumps, cracks and chips, and one noticeable repair at toe where chip was reaffixed with a nail. Frizzen is loose and cock does not catch on half or full. Bore is very good with some even oxidation throughout. While mechanically dubious, this is an aesthetically pleasing and highly decorated example of the quintessential Middle Eastern firearm. 


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