Lifetime Decoys Jerk Rig Kit 90' 6 Drops LTD-005

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  • 5ft marine grade bungee for lots of pull and decoy movement
  • 6 drop connections – hook them up to your decoys and attach your decoys quickly and easily anywhere on the mainline throughout your spread.
  • Purchase additional drops to add as many decoys as you want!
  • Swiveling mainline cable – prevent line from coiling or tangling when bringing in
  • 3lb folding grappel anchor
  • 1 Big camo carabiner
  • Everything is fully assembled and ready to go – All you need to do is attach the drops to your decoys, and clip them anywhere on the mainline cable when you’re ready to hunt.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Lifetime Decoys
SKU: DUN-11727
UPC: 858706004071
Vendor: Dunns
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