Holosun HE507COMPGR HE507COMP-GR Black Anodized 1.1 X 0.87 CRS Reticle Green

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The Holosun HE507COMPGR HE507COMP-GR presents a cutting-edge optical accessory that promises to elevate your shooting experience. Its sleek black anodized finish not only lends it a visually appealing look but also ensures sturdy protection against various environmental elements. With compact dimensions of 1.1 x 0.87 inches, this optic strikes an optimal balance between form factor and functionality.

At the core of the HE507COMPGR is its advanced reticle system. The CRS (Circle Dot Reticle System) offers a versatile and dynamic multi-reticle configuration, allowing you to seamlessly switch between different reticle patterns to suit diverse shooting scenarios. What sets this model apart is its vibrant green reticle illumination, providing excellent visibility and contrast against targets, ensuring rapid target acquisition and precise aiming, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Constructed with premium-grade materials, the Holosun HE507COMPGR boasts durability and reliable performance. Its user-friendly controls and intuitive design facilitate effortless adjustments, enabling you to fine-tune your aiming point effortlessly. Whether you're involved in competitive shooting, hunting, or personal defense, the HE507COMPGR offers a dependable and adaptable aiming solution that is poised to augment your accuracy and boost your confidence in the field.

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