HM Defense Commander MB5 5.56 Nato Rifle HM15-MB-556-IB

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The engineers at HM Defense have taken the best AR in the world – bar none – and moved it forward a quantum leap. The Monobloc system decisively solves a perennial weakness in Mr. Stoner’s original design and the stunning outcome is a rifle that is superior in reliability, durability, accuracy and maintenance; that is to say, virtually everything you want in a battle rifle.  Moreover, for those who use suppressors, you will find the Monobloc rocks like a sewing machine under the widest range of gas pressure loads. In a nutshell, this one advancement, in my opinion, efficiently brings the AR/M16 platform to its near zenith. - David Elliott, Major, USA Infantry (ret.)

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Condition: New
Manufacturer: HM Defense
Model: Commander
SKU: MB0190
Vendor: Gunprime
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