Egyptian Contract FN-49 8mm Mauser - Great Condition!

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Egyptian contract FN-49 in 8mm Mauser. Unfortunately quickly made obsolete by the time it debuted in 1948 by the arrival of the fully automatic FAL and G3 in the next few years, the FN-49 nonetheless is a beautifully finished and machined example of the very last generation of wood-stocked, beautiful combat rifles. This particular example is from the Egyptian contract and is chambered for 8mm Mauser. Rifle is in very nice condition. All original markings are present, including the Egyptian royal crest over the receiver, FN manufacturer's markings on the side of the receiver, and serial numbers. Wood shows a few dings but retains original finish. Metal surfaces are very clean. All mechanical functions work properly. Muzzle has been altered for import, probably by removal of rifle grenade launching device - see pictures.

Categories: Semi Auto Rifles
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: FN
Model: FN-49
Caliber: 8mm
SKU: GNX-20371-gnu
Vendor: Gnxgunexchange
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