Dead Down Wind Wind Detector #2003BC

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  • OPTIMAL WIND DETECTION: The All-New Dead Down Wind Wind Detector is a tool that should be added to every hunter's arsenal. Featuring a new micro-formula, the Wind Detector carries further for longer-range visibility and can detect the most subtle wind currents.
  • LONG RANGE VISIBILITY: Easily detect the wind direction with long range visibility that can detect even the subtlest of breezes. Carries for a more visible detection of wind current yards from your location.
  • ALL NEW FORMULA: Micro-formula allows for improved wind detection. The wind detector formula is crafted with nano particles designed to carry further and is most effective in a wider range of wind conditions.
  • EASY TO USE SQUEEZE BOTTLE: Our no clumping formula makes for easy dispensing and comes in an easy to use squeeze bottle. The new cap design allows for no-clump dispersal.
  • SCENT FREE: Micro ESP enzyme powder help maintain a scent-free environment unlike other talc or powders that generally carry a signature odor. The Dead Down Wind Detector is unscented, making for a great addition to your hunting accessories.
  • 28 gm. Squeeze Bottle
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Dead Down Wind
SKU: DUN-81923
UPC: 0189168000975
Vendor: Dunns
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