CAA Micro Conversion Kit, MCK, for Smith & Wesson M&P 1.0 - Stabilizer Model, Tungsten Gray

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The next generation of Micro Roni is here! We improved our past generation models into the ultimate conversion kit. It's Micro Roni Generation 4, and we call it Micro Conversion Kit, or simply MCK.

This Micro Conversion Kit fits multiple handgun models, into one platform, and helps convert your pistol into the ultimate Smith & Wesson submachine gun.

It is significantly improved from previous generations of the Micro Roni Stabilizer.

This Micro Conversion Kit is a lightweight and sturdy platform for Smith & Wesson handguns. It has a barrel shroud made of aluminum with a polymer body. The extended stabilizer, which now comes standard, enables one-handed firing for better shooting performance. It also comes with a self-securing closure strap fastener which provides a custom fit to any user. MCK is the most cost effect conversion kit in the world. Fastest assembly/disassembly conversion kit on the market. Improving accuracy dramatically up to 200 yards. MCK comes in two versions, one is a NON-NFA product (with standard long stabilizer brace), and the other is a NFA product (with stock).
Not compatible with Safety M&P Models

Categories: Accessories
Condition: New
Manufacturer: CAA
Model: Micro Conversion Kit
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UPC: 814716020326
Vendor: Gunprime
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