Bullet Weights Reusable Split Shot Sinkers #SSR

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A great variation on a classic sinker. You should have plenty of these on hand. These Split Shot sinkers easily attach to your line and they're just as easily removed and reused. Split shots are very useful in weighting your line with small increments and avoiding any potentially line-weakening knots. These Bullet Weights Removable Split Shots are great for changing situations and allow you to adapt by adding and removing weight as the situation dictates. Current, depth and wind are factors that will change the weight needed to keep your lure on the bottom and these split shot can do the trick. These split shots are removable simply by pinching the 'ears' on back to open the shot. You can reuse them later.
Categories: Accessories
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Bullet Weights
SKU: DUN-42842
Vendor: Dunns
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