BARRETT 14030 20" FDE .50 BMG M82A1 LEUPOLD MARK 5HD 5-25 180291 80 RDs

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This is your chance to get the legend, the Barrett 50! Every firearm enthusiast either wants, own, or has respect for the Barrett's platform. The 50 BMG is the most powerful rifle caliber, until you get into artillery! More than capable of reaching targets at over a mile while maintaining the energy of a 44 magnum at point blank at these incredible distances. The only limitations of the capabilities of this rifle are the glass you choose and you. 


The Model 82 is where the Barrett legacy began. Engineered as the first shoulder fired semi-automatic 50 BMG rifle, the Model 82A1 has been proven in combat in every environment from the snow covered mountains, to the desolate deserts, and everything in between. Its low felt recoil and reliable repower delivers on target with every pull of the trigger. More than just a rifle, the Model 82 is an American icon.


Caliber Operation Rail Length/MOA Barrel Length Overall Length Twist Weight Mag. Capacity 50 BMG Recoil Operated, Semi-Automatic 23" (585 mm) 27 MOA 20" (508 mm) 48" (1220 mm) 1 turn in 15" (381 mm) 31.5 lbs (14.3 kg) 10


Item comes with the Leupold MK5 HD and 80 rounds of ammo!! 

Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Barrett Firearms
Model: M82A1
Caliber: 50 BMG
MPN: 14030
UPC: 816715012647
Vendor: Gnxgunexchange
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