1993 Heckler and Koch SR9T - Excellent Condition

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1993 Heckler and Koch SR9T. A ban-era amalgamation of standard HK91 receivers with a smattering of PSG1 and MSG90 parts, the SR9T is a heavy barreled precision rifle classic of the 1990s. This particular example is a particularly early one with "W. Germany" markings and comes with all the expected features of the SR9T, including the standard HK91 wide bipod handguard (bipod is not fitted) and PSG trigger pack and fire control group with wooden pistol grip. The original MSG90 style buttstock with adjustable cheek piece has been replaced with a PSG1 style buttstock (with much superior adjustments!). A vintage Swarovski 6x36A Habicht scope is mounted in the correct claw mount. Condition is excellent.

Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch
Model: SR9T
SKU: 46-002612-u
Vendor: Gunprime
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