1958 Manurhin-Walther PP .32 Auto Austrian Police Issue - Very Good Condition

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1958 Manurhin produced Walther PP in .32 Auto / 7.65 Browning. Manurhin was a French factory that Walther contracted to produce PP pistols while they were still under sanctions from the war; that should not be taken as a slight, however, as these French-made Walthers are excellent little pistols and are generally considered to be a cut above the the majority of the Walther-pattern pistols on the market. Pistol is in very good original condition, with a little holster wear on the front surfaces of the slide and a spot of wear on the front half of both slide flat but no serious blemishes. This pistol was imported by Interarms and includes a small import mark immediately above the trigger guard on the right side of the pistol. The original Manurhin grips are fitted and are in very good shape. A single Manurhin produced magazine is included and is serialized to the gun. An "SW####" marking is present on the left side of the pistol, which indicates issue by the Austrian Gendarmerie. Additionally, there is a small eagle over N mark by the magazine release, which indicates arsenal reconditioning by Walther in Germany - judging by all these attributes, it's likely this pistol was sold new by Manurhin to Austria, where it served for while before being sent back to Walther to be reconditioned for commercial sale. Whatever the case, this is a very nice little pistol with a ton of history.

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