5.7x28mm Guns & Ammunition for Sale

The 5.7x28mm ammunition is a small caliber cartridge primarily designed for use in pistols and submachine guns. It was developed in the late 1980s by FN Herstal, a Belgian firearms manufacturer, for their FN P90 personal defense weapon and FN Five-seven pistol.

This ammunition is known for its high velocity, flat trajectory, and armor-piercing capabilities. It is commonly used by military and law enforcement agencies around the world. The cartridge is bottlenecked, meaning it has a narrower neck compared to the base, which helps in achieving higher velocities.

There are several types of 5.7x28mm ammunition available for sale, including the SS190, SS195LF, and SS198LF. The SS190 is a military-grade round with armor-piercing capabilities, while the SS195LF and SS198LF are designed for civilian use, offering reduced penetration and improved terminal performance.

Manufacturers of 5.7x28mm ammunition include FN Herstal, which produces the official military-grade rounds, as well as civilian ammunition manufacturers like Federal Premium, Speer, and Fiocchi. These manufacturers ensure the highest quality and reliability of the ammunition.

Potential buyers of 5.7x28mm ammunition include law enforcement personnel, military personnel, and civilian shooters interested in self-defense or target shooting. The ammunition's unique characteristics make it appealing to those who value accuracy, penetration, and reduced recoil.

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