Webley & Scott Mark III 38-200 War Finish WWII Era 4" Barrel

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Webley Mark III revolver in .38-200 (.38 S&W, NOT .38 Special.) Wartime production and has the rough "War Finish." The revolver is in excellent condition. Commercial Webley "winged-bulled" cartouche. The parkerized finish is solid and fully intact. Mechanical functions are very tight, and lock-up is excellent. The grips are very nice, with a few little dings here and there but no varnish peeling. These very cool revolvers are much cheaper to shoot than their .455 caliber cousins, and they are only getting scarcer by the day!

The Webley & Scott Mark III .38 is a quintessential British revolver, a reliable and robust firearm steeped in history. As you pick it up, you instantly sense its weight, a testament to its solid steel construction. With its signature break-top loading mechanism, this double-action weapon is an enduring icon of British design dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

This revolver's military service is notable. Its large, ungainly barrel, distinctively curved grip, and iconic hinged frame - which splits open to reveal the six chambers of its cylinder - is instantly recognizable. The Mark III .38 was not merely a tool but a companion for British officers during both World Wars and numerous conflicts beyond. It became synonymous with the resilience and resolve of those who carried it, from the windswept trenches of the Western Front to the harsh deserts of North Africa.

The Mark III .38's uncompromising utilitarian design, void of unnecessary flourishes, communicates its purpose - reliability under pressure. Its design enabled rapid reloading, a critical factor in high-pressure situations, thus earning it the trust and confidence of its many users in the British military and police services. The choice of a .38 caliber round was a pragmatic balance between stopping power and manageable recoil, making the Mark III a practical, efficient sidearm.

The Mark III .38 produces a satisfying report coupled with a controlled recoil. Its accuracy is commendable within its intended range, with the weapon's weight providing reassuring stability. To hold a Webley & Scott Mark III .38 is not just a firearm - it's to own a piece of history, a symbol of duty and service that has weathered tumultuous times.

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Model: Mark III
Caliber: 38 S&W
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