Used Thompson Center Contender Super 14 3 Barrel Set 357 Herrett 44 Mag & 223 Rem

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We have an excellent used Thompson Center Contender Super 14, equipped with a unique 3-barrel set featuring 357 Herrett, 44 Mag, and 223 Rem. Renowned for its adaptability, this single-shot firearm seamlessly transitions between different barrel types, offering shooters versatility. With its quick break-action design, swapping barrels becomes effortless, catering to those prioritizing flexibility in caliber selection.

The Thompson Center Contender Pistol exemplifies the elegance of versatile firearm engineering. Seamlessly blending functionality, adaptability, and aesthetics, this Contender model is an exceptional choice for hunting or plinking. As a testament to its quality and ingenuity, this pistol stands out as a pinnacle of firearm versatility.

Categories: Single Shot Pistols
Tags: hunting
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Thompson Center
Model: Contender
Caliber: 357 Mag
Vendor: Gunprime
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