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There are very few firearms as recognizable as the Thompson sub-machine gun. With its characteristic vertical foregrip, heavily finned bbl. & popular drum magazine, the "Tommy gun" or "Chicago Typewriter" may only have a reputation in real life exceeded by Hollywood portrayals. Here we have the 1927-A1 version which is the semi auto carbine variant of the famous SMG. Matte finish receiver & grip frame w/ polished blue bbl. The 16 1/2" bbl. boasts 35 cooling fins above the wooden vertical grip & a Thompson bullet logo marked Cutts compensator front sight combination just like the original. A slotted end knurled charging handle sits atop the receiver & provides a clear path from the folding rear sight to the front pin. Matching wooden rear pistol grip w/ the left side safety. Full length wood shoulder stock. Left side receiver markings include "MODEL OF 1927 A1"/ "NO. KM7247"/ "THOMPSON SEMI-AUTOMATIC CARBINE"/ "CALIBER. 45 AUTOMATIC CARTRIDGE". Right side receiver markings "AUTO-ORDNANCE CORPORATION"/ "WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS, U.S.A." w/ traditional US Patent block. Magwell accepts Thompson drums & modified SMG stick mags. MAGS: 1-50 rd. "L" drum marked on front data plate "MAGAZINE TYPE 'L'"/ "THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN"/ "50 CARTRIGES CAL. 45"/ "FOR 1928 MODEL WIND TO"/ "9 OR 11 CLICKS". Front body marked w/ trademarked Thompson bullet logo & "WIND TO 9 OR 11 CLICKS". On rear data plate "AUTO-ORDNANCE CORP."/ "NEW YORK"/ "REGISTERED IN THE"/ "US PATENT OFFICE". CONDITION: finish on all exposed metal surfaces complete & free of any noticeable blemishing. Small dot of what appears to be luminous paint resin on front sight tip. Wooden pistol grips free of any noticeable blemishing. Rear shoulder stock has earned a few light impressions typically associated w/ horizontal storage. Two small cracks on front right side, one not visible w/ out removing stock, another approximately 1 1/2" in length at rear of receiver, forward of comb on right side. Shiny bore w/ strong rifling & fire control mechanism appears to function correctly when cycled by hand.

Categories: Semi Auto Rifles
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Auto Ordnance
Model: Thompson
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Vendor: Gunprime
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