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The classic Thompson SMG look in a collectible, semi-auto variation w/ beautiful gold accents commemorating WWII. High quality wood furniture w/ a deep gloss, sporting several medallions, in a striking black & gold pattern. W/ the right side visible, the custom receiver markings can be viewed & include the following: “WORLD WAR II COMMEMORATIVE THOMPSON / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / LAND OF THE FREE / HOME OF THE BRAVE / EUROPEAN THEATER OF OPERATIONS / PACIFIC THEATER OF OPERATIONS / CHINA-BURMA-INDIA THEATER OF OPERATIONS”. Also engraved is an American flag below the rear sight. “ISSUED BY THE AMERICAN HISTORICAL FOUNDATION RICHMOND, VIRGINIA / AUTO-ORDANACE CORPORATION WEST HURLEY, NEW YORK, U.S.A.” w/ unique WW prefix serial number on left hand side, as well as standard US Patent block. Blued bbl. includes 35 classic fins & is terminated w/ a gold plated Cutts style slotted compensator w/ fixed blade front sight. Slotted gold plated charging knob on top of receiver. Gold plated, graduated rear ladder & peep sight. Gold plated trigger. 1927 Style receiver, will accept stick mags. or drums. Gold plated sling swivels front & rear w/ high quality leather sling. MAGS: 1-20 rd. metal. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: hardwood & glass display box, embellished w/ American Historical Foundation brass plaque. This case is for a commemorative SMG, which may be modified by a competent woodworker to display this rifle. CONDITION: by all outward appearances gun appears to be unfired, the plating inside the compensator is still shiny w/ no powder residue. Wood stocks retain a high gloss finish w/ only a few gentle scratches on the left side. All medallions are clear & easy to read. Gold plating on all parts consistent w/ no sign of thinning. Finish on all exposed metal surfaces complete & consistent w/ no apparent blemishing aside from the light scratch on the left side of the receiver which is not visible during display. Rifling is well defined. While cycling by hand, it appears that the firing pin is not dropping while depressing the trigger & being retained to the rear.

Categories: Semi Auto Rifles
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Auto Ordnance
Model: Thompson
SKU: 1220
Vendor: Gunprime
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