Uberti Cimarron Firearms 1849 Pocket Model .31 Percussion 4" Barrel CA035

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1849 Pocket Model

Successor to the 1848 Baby Dragoon, Colt's 1849 Pocket Model was a smaller version of their 1851 Navy, with about 340,000 produced between 1850 and 1873, more '49 Pockets were manufactured than any other Colt percussion firearm! Made in a variety of barrel lengths, the 4-inch barreled version, like Cimarron's copy, was the most popular with those wanting a practical, yet concealable revolver. Initially promoted in California as the "New pattern...with patent lever," the '49'er was sometimes known as a "fifth ace," by gamblers along San Francisco's Barbary Coast. With 11,000 manufactured at Colt's London Armory, the little 5-shot, .31 caliber revolver also reached ports in New Zealand, South Africa, India, Ireland, and was in strong demand "down under" during the Australian Gold Rush of 1853-54. During our Civil War, soldiers on both sides purchased the pistols with their own funds, carrying them for close combat situations. For decades during the mid-19th century, adventurers worldwide praised the '49'er in the highest terms! Cimarron's Pocket Model is a spitting image replica with its color case hardened frame, loading lever and hammer, brass back strap and trigger guard, and one-piece walnut stocks. Offered in Standard Blue, Charcoal Blue, or Original® Finish, with Cimarron's Original finish, our '49er cannot be distinguished from the 150-year-old original without close examination.



Condition: New
Manufacturer: Cimarron Firearms
Model: 1849 Pocket Model
SKU: 814230015785
MPN: CA035
UPC: 814230015785
Vendor: Gunprime
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