X-Force 9mm Luger Ammo 124 grain FMJ Case of 1000 Rounds

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Xforce pistol ammunition in caliber 9×19 mm has a full-jacket (FMJ) bullet weighing 8 g (124 g). It is perfect for many types of sports or firearms . The ammunition has a brass case that can be re-loaded.

50 rounds in cardboard box with plastic separator, 20 cardboard boxes (1000 rounds)

Case Marking: XF20 9P

Accuracy: -50m

Pressure : Max average ≤2350 bar

Propellant: Double Base

Accuracy: -50m : 2R100 ≤ 60mm

Bullet pull: ≤ 100N

Function test : Gun CZ 9MM PARA ; Glock 17/19/45

Marketed in Europe and similar in performance and quality to brands such as Igman®, Fiocchi®, Winchester® and S&B®

Made in Macedonia

  • 9mm Luger
  • Brass case
  • 124 grain FMJ
  • Boxer primed
  • 50 rounds per box
  • 20 boxes per case

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Categories: Ammunition, Gun Deals
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Sumbro
Model: X-Force
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Number of Rounds: 1000
SKU: 5318000016125
UPC: 5318000016125
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (27)
By JC on 10/27/21
X-Force 9mm Luger Ammo 124 grain FMJ

The X-Force 9mm Luger Ammo 124 grain FMJ are the best so far, never had a misfire that's why I stocked up. Thanks to gunprime their selling good bullets.

By Shooter on 08/31/21
Cheaper and better

Cheaper and better then other junk

By Hank on 08/22/21
good stuff

I am on my second case of x-force ammo fired from several size glocks and a staccato with zero failures or hang-ups. Seems to me to be of military grade ammo.

By Glen on 08/20/21
fast delivery and a good product

Good ammo, no miss fires or stove pipes. I would buy again!

By Dnice on 08/18/21
Professionally made Ammo not from China

I like the look and brass casing of the Ammo I believe in was made in Morroco or someplace like that. It was I the advertisement. looks well made and the packaging is neat as well. I like my purchase will see how it performs at the range.

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By Mel on 08/18/21

Super fast shipping and great price! Thank you

By DanO on 08/16/21
Good ammo

Good, solid ammo. No misfires or jam. Good

By Jessesoto33 on 08/14/21

Great deal

By Jerry on 08/13/21
I ordered, it arrived and I now have...........Others have back ordered me for as many as 6 months. When Gun Prime says they have it, you get it.

It's 1000 Rds of 9mm.. I use that much a month in training. It means a lot to me to have it when I need it....

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By Jesse soto on 08/12/21
Simply the best!

Great deal!

By JC on 08/09/21

Good pricing and fast shipping, will buy again if there are more coming good sale. The bullets are good so far no misfire for my both guns(Springfield and FNH).

By TOM W on 07/22/21


By Richard on 07/06/21
My new goto ammunition and gun sight

The ammo is well made and work in my guns. I have now added Gunprime to my list of vendors to use. Ammo that works every time is precious. Not all is used up, but 100 rounds went through without mishap.

By Anthony on 07/06/21
Good experience, fast delivery

Have not used any ammo yet

By Phil on 07/03/21
9 mm ammo

Very pleased with ammo and great shipping at a fair price. Will definitely use again.

By Orlando on 06/29/21

Quality product at a Good price, but the packaging was poor. The packages appeared to have been wet with rounds found loose inside of the package. I was even missing 1 round. However, the overall quality of the rounds and price will make me a repeat customer.

By Tim on 06/24/21
Great price and speedy delivery. Thumbs up.

No complaints about these rounds. Everything has been good with no problem.

By Sh00ter on 06/24/21
Good stuff

Good ammo, compact packaging.

By K Kindle on 06/22/21
Good buy.

After lots of looking, this is the best bang for my buck I have found. Under .80 / round and free shipping. How can you say no. Arrived in approx. 4 days. Hoping for 380 ACP deal in the future !!! Return customer for sure!

By Flyer 44 on 06/21/21
Good, considering

Looks like good quality. Made in Macedonia!? Haven't shot it yet. Half the shipment was stolen. Gun Prime stood behind the product and covered the loss. Good people. I will buy from them again.

By DesertFox on 06/18/21
X Force 9MM

Excellent ammo, clean and shoot well.

By 9mm ammo on 06/18/21
Decent for current price at this time

Ammo works without Any jams or issues .
When they came 3 of the boxes broke open and all boxes look like they been around for a while .
Worn all over - but ammo is ammo and as long as it works -
Only thing I noticed is it has a sulfer smell when shooting . All else - all good

By Marcus on 06/17/21
X-Force 9mm Luger 124 grain FMJ Case of 1000 Rounds Bulk Ammo

Awesome product
Fast and efficient shipping and delivery
Excellent customer service
Ammo ran smoothly through my guns
Strongly recommend

By Wayne A. on 06/17/21
No issues here

I bought 1000 rds at .53.5 cents ea.
Plus shipping with brought it to .56.
Spread these freedom seeds through
M&P shield, Ruger Security 9 and SW 5906.
No issues and no dirtier than any other brand of ammo.
I do some negative reviews on the Macedonia made ammo but again, no issues here.

By john on 06/17/21
good ammo for a fair price

loads good .....accurate ,.......clean

By Horst Schlemmer on 06/17/21
X-Force 9mm Luger Ammunitioin

The shipping time was extremely fast. The price was reasonable looking at the current market. The Ammunition shot without any problems, I shot several hundred in a new Foxtrot Mike FM9, very accurate without any failures whatsoever. I would recommend Gunprime as a supplier and the X-Force 9mm Luger Ammunition. I will return as a Customer. I recommend you become a Customer.

By retired navy guy on 06/17/21
super fast ship

ammo was shipped very next day after order was placed. two thumbs up for that.
only issue was not packaged properly and a few boxes broke open. all is good received 1000 plus some extra.

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