Steyr C9-A2 MF 9mm Compact 17 Round 78.323.2H0

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The MF is here! The A2 MF series brings the Steyr pistol line into the modern world and beyond sporting new features and a redesigned, Modular Frame. These new features with the original timeless design of a multi-function pistol chassis that has set the industry standard that others follow.

The MF is here! The A2 MF series brings the Steyr pistol line into the modern world and beyond sporting new features and a redesigned frame. The new grip module features a re-contoured grip and the addition of modular grip panels offered in various sizes to ensure a proper fit for the smallest to largest of hands. An aggressive texture has been applied to the handle to maximize the traction of the grip. The A2 MF incorporates a flared magwell, which offers a wider opening to reduce reloading time. Keeping in tradition of the previous A1 series, the A2 MF series maintains the high grip angle and low bore axis that offers uncompromising comfort and recoil mitigation. Forward Slide Serrations have been added for positive grip when manipulating the slide. Steyr Arm’s proprietary trapezoid sights come standard on the A2 MF and offer a refined quick acquisition combat sighting system. The A2 MF series blends these features with the original timeless design of a multi-function pistol chassis that has set the industry standard that others follow.

As the original patent holder for a single multi function pistol chassis, the Steyr A2 MF fully materializes on the concept of a pistol capable of multiple configurations. Users will now have the ability to swap between several grip modules and slide assembly options to meet their specific needs. The result will be a tailored solution to meet the challenge of even the most discerning shooter.



  • Type: Semi-Automatic, Mechanically Locked, Recoil-Operated
  • Series/Collection: C9-A2 MF
  • Action: Double
  • Caliber/Gauge: 9x19mm Luger
  • Capacity: 17
  • Magazine Type: Steel
  • Sight: Trapezoid
  • Slide: Black
  • Safety: Trigger, Firing Pin, Drop
  • Grip Type: Black Interchangeable Backstrap
  • Trigger Pull: 5.51 lb
  • Frame Material: Polymer
  • Frame Finish: Black
  • Barrel Length: 3.6"
  • Overall Length: 7"
  • Weight: 27 oz
  • Overall Height: 5.6"
  • Overall Width: 1.3"
Categories: Semi Auto Pistols
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Steyr Arms
Model: C9-A2
Caliber: 9mm Luger
SKU: 688218791851
MPN: 78.323.2H0
UPC: 688218791851
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (24)
By Alfredo on 08/08/23
Steyr C9

Great gun not issues. Ran great with all kinds of ammo.

By Michael on 07/09/23
Great speed shooting pistol

Great pistol great quality. The low bore axis is an unique feature that reduces recoil efficiently. From accuracy and recoil aspects, It performs as good as full size pistol such as a P320. Compact size and large capacity magazine makes it an excellent carry gun.

Gunprime ships super fast, and the customer support responds my request quickly. Great shopping experience. Highly recommend this online store.

By Fitz B. on 06/28/23
Awesome Gun!!!

It’s an awesome gun. The grip is an improvement from my L9-M1 that I have owned for years. Great bang for the buck.

By Dylan on 06/13/23
Excellent experience

Product was exactly as described. Caught it on sale and picked it up cheaper than anywhere I have ever seen. Was at my ffl in 2 days. Highly recommend

By Bill on 06/05/23

Item was in stock, priced right and delivered without a hitch. I will use them again and I highly advise you to use them too.

By Great pistol, great price and great speedy service on 05/19/23
Great pistol, great price and great speedy service

After I bought this beautiful firearm I purchased another different pistol a week later...price and timely fast shipping was outstanding. Thank you.

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By Justin on 03/29/23
Quickest and best pricing online

Best pricing online, straight to the point communication, item was as described, and shipped item as soon payment went through.

By A on 02/11/23

It sure is phenomenal firearm that has the feel of quality and the ability to change grip size.

Feels much more substantial than a Glock even H&k models. Could easily be priced in the 8 to 900 dollar range. It’s truly a fantastic value with top notch build quality.

A good, carry pistol. The only downside is the front barrel end is a little thicker than other similar size guns.

By Marce S. on 01/14/23
Steyr C9-A2

Absolutely love this pistol, the trapezoid sites are definitely different but after a few rounds they are easy to acquire the target for the next round. There is very little muzzle flip so getting back on target quick and easy.
Gunprime did an outstanding job in the shipping department.
I would recommend the Steyr C9-A2 and Gunprime to anyone looking for a good deal and great service!!

By JP on 11/02/22
Great gun that is overlooked and underrated

Gunprime had the best price by far over all other retailers that had one of these available. This was my first experience with them and they were easy to deal with and everything went smoothly and quickly. They also had my local FFL in their list, which made it easier on me as well.
For the gun itself, I don't know why this isn't a more popular gun. Some people say the sights are weird, but in my opinion the size of the front sight makes them much easier to use than traditional 3-dot sights. I think people just struggle to accept new or different things. The sights on mine are set a little lower (more of a 6 o'clock hold) than I usually like, but each company does it their own way, and any experienced shooter can easily adjust to this. I was shooting good groups from 20+ feet the first time out. The ergonomics of the gun are great, with a very comfortable grip angle and stippling. It comes with extra side plates and backstraps to customize the shape and size of the grip. The trigger is smooth and crisp with a short take up, firm wall, and clean break. The one criticism that I've heard in reviews is that the reset is not very loud or hard (audible or tactile), but it's easy to get used to and once you do, it's nice. Rather than the typical "click" on reset, it's more like a gentle spring-pop feeling, it's subtle but effective. It has a nice beaver tail and a low bore axis, making it very easy to shoot. Disassembly is simple and it allows for the barrel to be locked (if desired) with use of a small key that the gun comes with. It runs smooth and although I haven't shot it a lot yet, there were no failures or problems in going through my first few mags. Definitely a great gun to have in the collection, and the as a compact, it's overall size allows for carrying if so desired without having the noticeably increased kick of the micros or sacrificing a solid grip.

By Mike on 10/04/22

What a terrific pistol! Comfortable to shoot and my groupings are perfect. Rapid fire groupings are right on. Highly recommend

By I am impressed on 09/26/22
Tremendous price, amazing shipping time, great gun.

I am a huge fan of this Steyr handgun. The trigger is great with the grip angle being just right. Perfect amount of texture, easy to clean and the grip is customizable. The weird sites are actually easy to use too. I was surprised to learn the gun has a manual safety that is more of a child locking kit that's hard to defeat if you don't know what it is. Great bonus feature that i didn't know it had. I am not a great marksman either but this gun makes me look competent. I am very happy with the service I received from Gunprime as well. This gun arrived extremely quickly.

By Mark R on 09/01/22
Outstanding striker fired pistol

Most ergonomic pistol I’ve ever owned, great trigger, short reset. Gunprime had the best price and quick ship.

By Wow on 08/23/22
Underrated gem at a great price!!!

I really like this pistol!! It has a great trigger and reset, even though the rest is short it’s not tactile in any way. The ergonomics are fantastic!! And the trapezoidal sights are easy to get on target with. I have around 400ish rds though it to date with 0 issues at all. The aftermarket support is not there for this pistol at all, which is why it’s not to popular. I’m hoping that will change, for I plan to buy more of these in the future.

By Brian on 08/08/22
Superb Gun!

It looks, feels and shoots amazing! Had to adjust the rear sight a little as it was grouping to the left, then it shot straight up the middle with tight groups.

User uploaded images:

By Brian on 08/08/22
Superb Gun!

It looks, feels and shoots amazing! Had to adjust the rear sight a little as it was grouping to the left, then it shot straight up the middle with tight groups.

User uploaded images:

By Brian on 04/05/22
Steyr C9-A2

Great price on a great gun. Super fast shipping

By JT on 03/15/22
Great Steyr pistol.

Excellent upgrades when compared with the A1 models. The grip texture and panels are fantastic and provide a very ergonomic grip. The low bore axis makes for very minimal recoil when firing, so follow up shots can be made more quickly. It is a bit "chunky" and holster options are difficult to find, but not impossible. Overall, a great pistol.

By Out frickin' standing! on 01/07/22
Exceeded all expectations

Love the Steyr line of handguns. When I saw Gunprime had this at an unbelievable price for the current market it was a no brainer! Even more incredible was the Gunprime shipping! In this market I have seen online retailers displaying warnings that shipping may take as long as a 30 days. Gunprine shipped within 24 hours of my order AND that was over the Christmas holiday! Like I said- Out Frickin' Standing!

By Wingman on 01/05/22
Gun prime delivered quickly steyr c9a2

Love the gun love the way it fits my hands, shoots very nice and I’ve had no problems with using the odd sights. Holsters are a challenge but I knew that going in

By A. Haley on 04/12/21
True Austrian quality

You honestly can’t go wrong with the Steyr C9 -a2 my. The fit and finish are spot on and the action is tight. Took it to the range and it drew attention like the prettiest girl on the dance floor. People loved the feel of the grip and the trigger pull. Now be prepared to holster hunt a bit and they are out there, I just picked one up online.

By BK on 02/21/21
Amazing shipping

I can't review the gun, since I haven't had time to shoot. But the service from Gun Prime has been some of the best I've experienced. Placed an order at roughly 1:40pm and got a shipping notice at 3:10pm. The gun was at my dealer 2 days later. Absolutely awesome. Great job Gun Prime!!!

By J Mack on 01/21/21
Only had out a couple times. No hick-ups or regrets.

Very little feedback when shooting from reset is my sole complaint and that has proven to be almost nil. There are several positives such as side and front and rear grip panels which are akin to custom grip, both front and rear slide serrations and flared mag well. I really am beginning to enjoy the sights as I become more familiar with them. The low bore axis is a blessing to my aging arthritic hands. My gun has a 4.5 lb trigger which I checked with the Lyman digital scale. I have had the gun for under 2 weeks I am eager to have more range time if the ammo availability will stabilize and the price will get lower, I am hopeful things will begin to normalize. Thumbs up for the C9 A2 MF and Gunprime who did an outstanding job of very fast shipping and great after sale follow up. *****

By Ryan on 01/20/21
Amazing pistol

I love this gun it looks great and feels really good. Well made and fits well in my hands. At least 10 people have held it and love the way it feels. Fast shipping and highly recommend to everyone.

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