Shadow Systems MR920L Elite 9mm Optics Ready Threaded Barrel SS-1025

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New to the MR920 is a feature that will revolutionize how optics are mounted on handguns. In the past, shooters have faced compromises when putting a red dot optic on their pistol. The strongest mounting systems directly machined the slide to fit the optic footprint. This was what we did on the MR918 – a very strong, but footprint-dedicated design. This achieved a low mounting position and reasonable screw depth, but limited the mount to one brand or model of optic. Other systems use intervening plates or short mounting screws to accommodate multiple brands, but at the cost of strength, height, and complexity.

Our new patent pending optic cut on the MR920 redesigns internal components within the slide that engineers have historically been forced to contend with. This innovation completely changes what can be accomplished in a mounting system. The MR920 optic cut allows a low mounting position, mounts multiple optic brands directly to the slide, and features the longest, strongest screws in the industry.

The MR920L Elite is long slide version of the MR920 Elite. With the MR920L, you get the concealability of a compact frame with the long sight radius of a full size slide. The MR920L was conceived as the true answer to the question of “How do I get more capability out of my pistol and still conceal it daily?” More Capability: The MR920L and its shorter barrel length cousin, the MR920 Elite, both offer an incredibly high degree of mechanical accuracy. The MR920L however makes it easier to use that mechanical accuracy with an increase in sight radius of ½”. That may not seem like a lot, but it is more than enough to notice by an experienced shooter. The MR920L also features significantly less upward snap than the MR920 Elite. There was noticeably less felt recoil under test conditions using the same ammunition and the same shooter, fired consecutively. Both of those benefits can be had in a pistol that is just as easily hidden as the MR920 Elite.

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