SCAR 17 Barrel Assembly 13 inch

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Do you want to make your SCAR 17 more compact and maneuverable?  Do you want to make your SCAR balance better with a suppressor?  If so, this is the barrel for you.  Using a 13 inch barrel you make your SCAR a better suppressor host in terms of balance without sacrificing too much performance.  This barrel is more than capable out to 600m and beyond.  If you do not use suppressors than this will still provide better balance and maneuverability for your 308 SCAR.  The FN SCAR barrel assemblies are cold hammer-forged, chrome-lined MIL-SPEC steel barrels with front sight assembly, gas block assembly, gas regulator, gas piston and flash hider installed. Available in short lengths for reduced weight, fast handling and confined space maneuvering; standard lengths for replacement of existing barrels; and long lengths for increased velocity and extended range capability. Assemblies can be easily installed by the user with a Torx T25 and 62 In Lb torque wrench and are ready to shoot without headspacing.

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