Rhino Blinds Rhino 180 Realtree Edge See Through Blind #RHINO-180

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The ALL NEW Rhino 180 See Through blind takes ground blind hunting to a whole new level! This unique 2-way mesh system prevents wild game from seeing in while allowing you, the hunter, to see out crystal clear without any obstruction. Covered with Realtree Edge camo, the Rhino 180 blends in seamlessly with almost any environment and can easily have other natural habitat added with the included brush-in straps around the top and bottom of the blind. Like all hub-style Rhino blinds, the R180 features an oversized zipper less door. Easily adjust your shooting window with Rhino's "silent-slide" window technology. This blind can comfortably hold up to 3 people and makes setup/take down a breeze. Change the way you see the inside of a ground blind with this new R180 from Rhino!
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Rhino Blinds
SKU: DUN-66343
UPC: 850281008918
Vendor: Dunns
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