Precision Hardcore Gear Force Recon 34mm LOW Rings

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The Force Recon Tactical Rings feature a built in level housed into the lower portion of the rear scope ring. Having the level in the base of the ring assures that it is always perfectly parallel to the top of the picatinny rail which is essential for long range shooting. A perfectly plumb scope and rifle are essential for the bullet to follow a true vertical line throughout the projectile's path to the target. These precision, long range rings offer precise mounting for your optics onto the picatinny base and will not allow the scope to move under any recoil scenario. Our wide .875 mounting platform offers a stable interface with the pic rail while the 2 cross slot bolts provide awesome clamping power. We go one step further by installing a pair of steel guide rails that press into the ring base. The ring base clamp rides on these rails to keep the clamp perfectly aligned as the 2 cross slot bolts are drawn tight against the pic mount. The ring cap has 6 Torx bolts providing evenly distributed force onto the top of the scope.The rings and caps have a .030 radius on both sides of the scope bore to eliminate any marring or sharp contact points on your scope. All of these features add up to the best scope mounting system you can buy at any price.

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