Police Trade Sig Sauer 229 40 S&W WE29R-40-BSS-SRT-E2-LGCY p229

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Here's a great way to get into a Sig 229! We have a small lot of police trades, they come with two magazines and box. They are all in similar condition, and we will offer a hand select option if you want to get the better of the bunch. The pistols are guaranteed to be mechanically sound. Get them before they blow out!

Categories: Semi Auto Pistols
Tags: sig, sauer, 40, 40 cal, 40 s&w, 229
Condition: New
Manufacturer: SIG SAUER
Model: 229
Caliber: 40 S&W
SKU: 151550010466
UPC: 151550010466
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (4)
By Dave on 07/22/20
Great deal on a Sig P229

Found this handgun on an internet search and I had been looking for a police trade in P229. Gunprime had a few left so I called them up and pulled the trigger, so to speak. The gun arrived at my FFL a few days later and it looked practically brand new, very little wear and in excellent shape. Had a chance to shoot it a few days later and it performed flawlessly. Service from Gunprime was excellent and quick. I highly recommend Gunprime if they have anything left in stock!!! My Sig P229 was only $429 plus $20 for shipping, and it came in a nice original box with 2 magazines, both factory Sigs.

By Todd on 07/08/20
Fast professional service

Just as described. Prompt correspondence and fast delivery!

By Gary J on 06/27/20
Best LE trade in I've purchased.

I can only speak to the P229 I received and of its condition which to me is spectacular. The holster wear is such that what would be wear points from the holster had only polished the anodizing on the frame. Small scratches and nicks in the frame are evident but minimal for a duty pistol. The slide is in near new appearance. The barrel hood shows signs of normal cycling with minimal wear. Hand grips are near new. The trigger is an SRT. The night sight strength is diminishing. If the the rest of this lot is anything close to the copy I received, the buyer will get a solid, used firearm.

I want to add that I had a gratifying experience with Gunprime. I had purchased an LE trade-in P226 from another site and was disappointed with my purchase: over sold and under delivered. When I came across Gunprime's LE P229 I was intrigued by the condition of the sidearm in the photos but now a little skeptical. In fact their were two lots of P229s: one with DAK triggers and the other with DA/SA triggers. Preferring the DA/SA I called to verify. The gentleman to whom I spoke - I regret forgetting his name - was very cordial and professional. When I pointed out to him that I did not want a DAK version, he said: "let me go check the inventory." He returned after a short hold and confirmed the gun's configuration such that I decided to buy. I can't emphasize how impressed I was that he took the time to check on the actual product for me. I have purchased two items from Gunprime and both transactions were exceptional. From the standout customer service, the great product, the fast confirmation of my purchase by email, to the quick shipping and tracking information, every detail of my transaction was flawless. I originally came across this P229 on another aggregator site. When I called regarding the DAK vs DA/SA their sales rep. seemed to be hard pressed for time and was quick to tell me that they were all DAK. When I pressed him, he suggested I call Gunprime directly. That was the best bit of information I got from him.

By Ed R on 06/22/20

Item just as advertised, in excellent condition...only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is I havent been to range with it yet (apparently 40S&W is in short supply) and one of the clasps on the case is broken. Would definitely purchase again. I recommended you to several friends

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