LKCI BP-12 12 Ga Bullpup 18" Barrel Tactical AR12 Boss Panzer Bulldog Eternal Arms Bullpup BP12

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Get your hands on this Omega BP-12 while you can! These bullpup platform 12 ga shotguns are hard to keep in stock. The Omega BP-12 is one of the best made and best priced option for a tactical shotgun. Comes with one 5 round magazine. 

Categories: Semi Auto Shotguns
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Omega
Model: BP-12
Caliber: 12 GA
SKU: 195536000065
MPN: BP-12
UPC: 195536000065
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (2)
By yogi on 01/17/21
Works well with heavy loads and high brass forget cheap ammo

I have had one of these about 4 weeks....first time out tried low brass and low steel, cheap Winchester, after 20 rounds of high brass outcome was not good...Had round jam so tight had to diasm. the rifle.... the round had the case rolled back in 2 spots....I believe the chamfer at the entrance to chamber was burred....polished that area the rifle will function but only high cost ammo...would not buy again.

By Omega bp 12 on 12/10/20
Not panzer arms guns but still well made

Let's just say what grab my attention was that fact that it was panzer arms brand. with me checking you tube i felt like this was a good buy but when it came I realized that it came under a whole another brand from omega arms which is a new company that i never heard of but the only dislike I have is the hand rail grip is part of the gun n it is not removable but still haven't shot it yet so will update later on

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