NovX Engagement Extreme 380 Auto / ACP Ammo 56 grain Lead Free Fluted Case of 200 Rounds Bulk NAS3 case 380EESS-200

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  • 380 Auto
  • 56 grain fluted, lead free projectile
  • 1300 fps
  • 210 energy ft lbs
  • 20 rounds per box
  • 10 boxes per case

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Categories: Ammunition
Condition: New
Manufacturer: NovX
Model: Engagement Extreme
Number of Rounds: 200
SKU: 859959007703
MPN: 380EESS-200
UPC: 859959007703
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (2)
By NOVX intriguing ammo on 04/05/22
Not ready for prime time

I love the whole concept of having a lighter load for my small concealed handguns. I was really hoping for salvation. I shot several mags of this ammo through my S & W EZ Shield 380 with no problem what so ever. The EZ Shield does not have any kick in the first place but this ammo made it easier than a .22 full size handgun.

However I did have a problem in two other pistols. The second round in the mag would not fire. I saw the dimple in the primer, so the pistol did it's job. The two pistols were the Ruger LCP II and the sig Sauer P238 - my main carry pistol. Both had the same problem. I tried several mags. Note: I had one in the pipe. Fired, then the second round loaded but would not ignite. I cleared the round and the rest of the rounds would fire. Why the second round in both pistols is a mystery. Weird.

It could be a fluck. I will head to the range another day and try again.

By John Austin on 08/03/21
Don’t know

Haven’t received the ammo yet

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