Norma 380 Auto / ACP Ammo 85 grain Monolithic Hollow Point (MHP) Box of 20 Rounds 610040020

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  • 380 Auto / ACP
  • 85 grain monolithic hollow point
  • 20 rounds per box
  • 1280 fps

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Categories: Ammunition, Ammo Deals
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Norma
Model: MHP
Caliber: 380 Auto / ACP
Number of Rounds: 20
SKU: 810036150064
MPN: 610040020
UPC: 810036150064
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (3)
By CARMOR on 08/21/23
I like it, but it’s not my carry ammo.

I like this ammo. It’s potent (feels like Underwood), accurate, and clean shooting. Pricing is good for defensive hollow point’s but there-in lies the issue. The ballistic gel results I have been able to find don’t show much expansion, so it is really a high powered FMJ. ( and I admit I may not have seen all the available tests, so if someone has other info please say so here). It is clear that quite a few defense brand hollow points don’t expand very well in 380 acp, so they are also expensive FMJ. OK, if it’s going to be FMJ, this is still better than most FMJ because it does have some more velocity and good penetration at a competitive price. I like to practice with it, but for now, it’s not my carry ammo.

By Charlie A on 08/03/23
Pretty Damn Good!

After shooting 3 boxes in a Ruger Security 380 and a Tisas Fatih 380, I really like this ammo. I don’t have access to a chronograph, but the “feel” when shooting is similar to Underwood and Buffalo Bore……definitely some heat there. I had zero feed/extraction issues, and accuracy was as good as anything i shoot…..better than my skill set. The pricing is not to bad and the service from Gunprime was excellent. I will be buying more and gladly recommend the product.

By Brass Lives Mattet on 06/14/23
Good business

This product was a good advertising leader at my gunshow tables. Price n delivery were excellent. I may play it again when this supply runs out.

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