Additional Info 590 SHOCKWAVE SPX 12/14 3
UPC 015813506489
MPN 50648
Model 590 Shockwave SPX

Mossberg Firearms 590 Shockwave SPX 12 Ga 5 Round Capacity 50648

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This Mossberg Shockwave SPX features a Picitanny optics rail, side saddle for 5 extra shells, heat shield, and a breachers barrel. Chambered in 12 gauge.

Note- This firearm is categorized as a non-NFA "firearm," rather than a shotgun or short-barrel shotgun. A required characteristic of a shotgun is that it must be "designed to be fired from the shoulder," and thus requires a stock. However, this firearm was never designed or constructed with a stock, so it is not classified as a shotgun. Considering the barrel is under 18”, and since the firearm was never a shotgun to begin with, it cannot be a short-barrel shotgun. Being designed to be fired with one hand, it would normally be a handgun, however, handguns also require a rifled barrel. A smooth bore handgun would normally be classified as an Any Other Weapon (AOW, another NFA controlled category). But an AOW must be "concealable on the person," and the ATF does not consider any firearm over 26" in overall length to be concealable by default. Due to the length of the firearm, it falls outside the definition of an AOW. Since the firearm is not a shotgun, short-barrel shotgun, pistol, or Any Other Weapon, the firearm simply remains a firearm as controlled by the Gun Control Act (GCA) but not under the purview of the National Firearms Act (NFA). This means it can be transferred to anyone 21 years old or older, through their normal dealer without any NFA paperwork or tax stamp in their state of legal residence (subject to the normal background check and transfer procedure for any firearm).



Type Shotgun
Action Pump Action
Caliber/Gauge 12 GA
Capacity 5
Barrel Length 14.375
License Requirement FFL
Manufacturer Mossberg
Mfg. Part Number 50648
UPC 015813506489
Condition New
Categories: Other Shotguns
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Mossberg Firearms
Model: 590 Shockwave SPX
Caliber: 12 GA
SKU: 015813506489
MPN: 50648
UPC: 015813506489
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (4)
By GregD on 03/17/23
Great, fun firearm

I bought this after seeing a Demolition Ranch video, and had to have it. Gunprime had the best price, and quick shipping. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a decent price and quick shipping!

By James on 09/22/21
The Shockwave SPX is awesome!

Well made nice solid firearm. Purchased some Talon grips and added the NDS aluminum safety. This Shockwave functions very well, (like a Glock). It will cycle through multiple brands and ammo types. From self defense and high end slugs to low prices 00 buckshot with no jams or feed issues. Great, fun, solid little firearm. I would definitely buy this again! No regrets at all and highly recommend

By No Trouble at All on 06/18/21
Love it!

Perfect for home defense with an OPSol Mini Shell Adapter and 8+1 Aguilla Mini Shells loaded with 00 Buckshot. Put a Crimson Trace Green Laser Saddle and a Streamlight 1000 lumen light forend on it. Fun to shoot. Easy to place my shots. I pity the fool that tries to come in my house uninvited.

By Chapy on 12/14/20
Gunprime made it happen

Gunprime responded and shipped the gun quickly. The process went smoothly all way to my hands.
This Mossberg is a great self defense weapon.
Just add a Crimson Trace laser and you are ready for the night.

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