Mauser C96 Broomhandle Carbine Stock Holster 1896 7.63mm

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The Mauser Model C96, chambered in 7.63mm, is an iconic semi-automatic pistol steeped in historical significance. Known for its distinctive broomhandle grip, this German-manufactured firearm offers a unique shooting experience. This model includes a carbine holster stock, which doubles as a protective carrying case, and a detachable shoulder stock, adding extra versatility and accuracy. The C96 features a 10-round internal magazine, loaded by a stripper clip, and stands out with its long barrel and characteristic fixed sights. Whether for collectors, historical firearms enthusiasts, or practical shooters, the Mauser Model C96 in 7.63mm with a carbine holster stock provides a remarkable blend of history, design, and function.

Categories: Semi Auto Pistols
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Mauser
Model: C96
Vendor: Gunprime
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