MagPump AR-15 Magazine Loader

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The MagPump is a hopper feed AR-15 magazine loader designed to save you time and save your fingers from the tedious process of loading your AR-15 magazines. As a bonus the MagPump also includes the MagDump magazine stripper. Now all of your loading and unloading can be performed with this simple kit. The MagPump can easily be mounted to a bench in order to add extra stability during the magazine loading process. Perfect for taking to the range or taking to your next rifle class, the MagPump AR-15 magazine loader!

Specifications and Features:
MagPump AR-15 Magazine Loader MP-AR15
.223 Remington/5.56mm NATO Cartridges (Also accepts .300 AAC Blackout)
60 Round Hopper Capacity
Works with Mil-Spec AR Magazines
Auto Orients Rounds
Quick Take Down
Fits into a .50 Cal ammo can
Includes base for bench mounting
Polymer Housing
Includes a MagDump magazine stripper
Matte Black

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