Knight's Armament Co. SR-25 w/ Threaded Gas Block and Swarovski Optic - 90s Classic!

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Used Knight's Armament SR-25 with a mounted Swarovski 3-12x56 Habicht optic. This particular SR-25 has the early "Vero Beach" markings and dates from somewhere during the AWB, probably mid to late 1990s - dating can be somewhat difficult. Features all of the correct elements for an SR-25 of this era, including a threaded gas block, fiberglass handguards, and A2-style buttstock with storage. Condition is very good to excellent. Furniture is without flaws. Metal surfaces are also excellent with some very minor scratching on upper receiver. Serial numbers match between lower and upper receiver. All mechanical functions work as they should. Bolt is of the single ejector and unmarked type. Swarovski optic retains shiny black finish and is as clear as can be expected from an optic of the vintage - scopes have come a long way! A wonderful part of any collection and a rifle of paramount historical importance. One new production D&H magazine is included.

Categories: Semi Auto Rifles
Tags: Collectible
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Knights Armament Company
Model: SR-25
SKU: 23757-u
Vendor: Gunprime
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