Keitech FAT Swing Impact 3.3" 7pk Swimbait #FS33

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Keitech's newest addition to the Fat Swing Impact series is the 3.3" Fat. The 3.3" Fat Swing Impact adds a new dimension to the most successful swim bait line in history. The Fat 3.3” is an excellent choice for Super Round jig head rig. Try adding a drop shot hook about 15" above your Super Round and nose hook a secnd 3.3" Fat. This makes a killer double rig! You can cover lots of water in a hurry. It’s a natural for the Alabama rig, giving the angler another option to “Match the Hatch”. It is also sized perfectly for a Jig or Chatterbait trailer. The options are endless!
Categories: Accessories
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Keitech USA
SKU: DUN-42653
Vendor: Dunns
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