IWI Jericho Enhanced 9mm Polymer Frame J941PL9-II

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First introduced in the US in 1990, the Jericho 941 has enjoyed wide acceptance by American shooters over the last 25 years. Based on the highly regarded CZ-75 short recoil system. The Jericho Enhanced features a new frame without finger grooves, adjustable backstraps, Mil-STD 1913 picatinny front rail, new hammer profile, new trigger profile, new thumb safety lever, and Novak Sights all while keeping true to form to IWI’s exceptionally high standards for reliable performance, accuracy and quality construction.

The Jericho features a frame mounted safety enabling “condition one” cocked and locked carry with single action function or hammer down double action function.


Model Number(s)



9mm Parabellum



Operating System

Short Recoil

Magazine Type

Mec-Gar, Steel

Magazine Capacity

17 Round

Barrel Material

Cold hammer forged, CrMoV

Barrel Length


Overall Length



26.8 oz


1:10 RH, Polygonal


Novak Sights




Condition: New
Model: Jericho
Caliber: 9mm Luger
SKU: 818004020777
UPC: 818004020777
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (25)
By Good looking gun. Good performance on 11/21/23
Good Gun.....

No failure at all after shooting 150 fifty rounds. Looks like it's better than my Masada 4.1".

By Jew With The Pew Pew on 10/31/23
Excellent Improvement On The Classic Italian/Israeli

If you're not already familiar, the Jericho is an Israeli pistol that originally started from the CZ line in the Czech Republic, and then was improved upon by Tangfolio in Italy, and then further improved in Israel.

I already own an IWI Jericho 941 in steel and it's a great shooter, but an absolute beast in terms of weight. The grip of the 941 is also smooth with relatively slick rubber panels so it can get a little slippery when your palm gets sweaty. Lastly, the Enhanced has added a pic rail on the dust cover for lights/lasers.

I will surely keep my 941 because of the history, but if you're on the fence as to whether to get the Enhanced or 941, the Enhanced is the better of the two. The Jericho 941 and Jericho Enhanced both use the same mags, which is great for compatibility.

By M.Ryder on 12/29/21
Great all around pistol

I think Jericho 2 (enhanced) is a great all around gun. Only shot around 100rds so far, and it performed perfectly. Shoots slightly low at closer range, but no biggie. I have the 941 (all steel) as well, which has less recoil but quite a bit heavier, so I think it's a balance of your must haves & what you're willing to give up. I edge towards the 941 but that's just me. With that said, if I could only have one "end of the world pistol", I would carry the Jericho 2 with confident! Love IWI products!

By vvinny on 10/28/21
gunprime is awesome and so is my jericho 9mm.

I love the look of it and the price was great i havent shot it yet but im sure its great Thanks.

By Omari Jordan on 08/19/21
Cool Experience

A firearm I’ve been looking for. Great price, quick response to inquiries and fast shipping. Overall, it was a cool experience and I’m very happy with my purchase

By Gene on 04/28/21

Shipping right on time, no problems.

By Martin R on 02/05/21

This company has gone out of their way with communicating every step of the way...not to mention the service and speed of receiving the merchandise. You rarely find these attributes in one spot. Well done!

By Kevin on 02/02/21
Good service

I like the gun, it works great! I'm happy I bought it!

By Brandon Slaughter on 01/21/21
I will definitely return for future purchases!

I love the feel of this gun pretty accurate also there’s not too many options for it for holsters and sights but it’s fairly still new.

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By AG on 01/20/21

I like this firearm very much. It comes with several back straps and has a large rail for mounting optics. It feels great in the hand, it molds to my hand well. It is also reasonably priced!

By Otis on 12/04/20
Excellent service

I bought my pistol here. The shipping to my FFL was fast, the price for the gun was great and the overall service from start to finish was excellent. I will definitely be buying from Gunprime again.

By Jolt on 11/26/20
Greatness Enchanced

Just got my Israeli Weapon Industries Jericho Enhanced and love it. The grip in my opinion is a lot better than the original. The frame and sites are also updated. Really like the new thumb safety. IWI quality in every aspect. In all honesty I have not had the chance to shoot it, due to conserving ammo and not having a great place to use it yet.

By Kris L on 11/18/20
Feels great. Quick shipping

I haven't been able to actually shoot it yet but it feels great in the hand. The large Novak sights make it really easy to find sight alignment and picture. Smooth trigger when I get a couple dry fire tests.

By Gordon Carline on 11/18/20
Best pistol Ever part 2

After writing my 1st review on best gun ever, and every part of it was true. I realized that I did not have a holster for this pistol. Since it was so new on the market, IWI recommended Lag Tactical as the company to call for a holster to fit the enhanced Jericho. Lag tactical supplied the holster, the pictures below are after they had to purchase their own Jericho in order to form fit the holsters. If you notice by the 2 pictures below, they went above and beyond to make this a fine holster for this pistol, you'll also notice that they extended the cover so that the safety will not have any issues, once pulled from the holster. This is a win win all the way around, good job Lag tactical, and IWI.
Gordon Carline

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By John Odierna on 11/12/20
Great Dealer, Great Gun!

Was thrilled to find the IWI Jericho on GunPrime. Excellent vendor and a beautiful gun. Fast shipping and item exactly as described. Will happily buy from this vendor again.

By Mforrest75 on 10/30/20
Excellent firearm and fast shipping!!

Excellent firearm and excellent company to buy from!!

By Chuck on 10/22/20
Great hand gun, and great service

Light weight, feels good in my hand hand, real accurate. Had it about a month already put about 500 rds through it. Yes I would buy again.

By Gus Hill on 10/21/20
Great firearm

Really impressed with this so far given the price Have found nothing that I would put in the Con column. May be one of the most overlooked handguns on the market.

By Gordon Carline on 10/20/20
Best Pistol Ever!

I'm so impressed with this pistol from IWI, that it's hard to put into words. The weight, smoothness of operation, the accuracy, and easy of maintenance in cleaning. These are just a few of the many great features of this fine double action pistol. I've wanted a Jericho for a long time, and I wasn't sure that the Jericho ll would hold up to the original, but I was very wrong. This pistol has far surpassed the original, along with keeping the great features of the original. I have purchased main pistols, and this is my #1, great job IWI.
A very happy customer,

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By E. Albert on 10/14/20
Fantastic firearm

I’ve purchased this firearm about a month ago and Gun prime made the process so easy and smooth. The new enhanced Jericho fits in my hand perfectly with good texturing that’s not overly aggressive. It has very little recoil, easy to stay on target and the reset on the trigger is smooth. Really not much, if anything to dislike about this gun especially for the price.

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By Brandon on 09/24/20
The best duty/combat handgun on the market.

I am a federally-contracted armed guard. I own many different types of handguns, several for duty, and this is definitely the best one. Before taking this to the armorer where I work, I ran everything I could find through this gun, from steel case to longer hollowpoints, and it ate them all. I tried limp-wristing, water, dry, dirt, THIS THING WILL NOT STOP. I also had to qualify with it to be allowed to carry it at work, and I shoot better with this than my Glocks, my M&P, and my FN. It comes just a little bit ahead of my Steyr. Just beware: It is so new that there is not hardly an aftermarket for it yet as of 09/24/2020.

By Fredrick on 09/10/20
Satisfied Customer

The Jericho Enhanced is a great firearm that I enjoy. And Gunprime is the best!!!

By Mitko on 08/18/20
Very fast delivery match the description

product looks good on first-hand quality did not get to shoot it yet

By JB on 07/31/20
Excellent Gun

This is my second 9mm and I love it. Well made, smooth operation, really like this gun so far.

By MazzerantJ on 07/14/20
Amazing Handgun

The ergonomics are amazing, weight is really distributed evenly, and the auto rack feature loading a full mag is really handy. I put 450 rounds of cheap 115gr and not one issue or stoppage. It is a solid weapon and now I'm sold on IWI products.

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