Inside the Waste Band (IWB) Tourniquet Holster

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Unique Inside Waist Band CAT Holder conveniently clips inside your waistband or outside on your pants belt loop or your MOLLE gear. Functional, allowing fast, consistent deployment of the tourniquet.

For Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) GEN7.

Condition: New
Vendor: Emergent Rescue Systems
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By Jeff on 11/01/21
Functional and comfortable product

Works perfectly for me due to my assignment as a plain clothes detective. It can be worn with civilian clothes as well with dress clothes. I know find myself
wearing it even when I'm off duty. I have looked for this style of product for sometime. The price point is also at a good place. Have seen similar items far more expensive. The peace of mind it brings knowing I have it if I need it was well worth it.

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