IBM M1 Carbine 30 Carbine w/ M82 GI Scope Winchester Barrel M1 T30 M1E7 Circa 1944

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IBM M1 Carbine. Winchester barrel. Comes with original GI scope and mount. SA SHM stock cartouche. Bore is good with strong lands and grooves. Mechanicals are excellent, and the bolt operates smoothly. Includes canvas sling.


The M1 Carbine, a World War II symbolic firearm, represents a compelling blend of design, function, and historical context. Being a product of IBM Corp highlights the unique and diverse American industrial response to wartime demands. While IBM is recognized today for its contributions to computing, it stepped into the realm of arms manufacturing during the war. They crafted carbines on par with those made by traditional firearm manufacturers. Its Winchester barrel adds an additional layer of intrigue to this carbine. While the original reason for the barrel replacement remains unknown, it may have been replaced during a wartime alteration or potentially by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) during their rearsenalling processes. Regardless of its origins, having a Winchester barrel speaks to the modularity and standardized nature of the M1 Carbine's production.

The unique thing about this M1 Carbine is that it has been fitted for optics. With an M3 scope mount securely in place, it proudly sports the 'Telescope M82' scope. Configurations such as this have historically been cataloged as either T3 or M1E7, highlighting the adaptability of the original M1 design to cater to evolving requirements.

The features of this M1 Carbine, as its IBM Corp make, to the Winchester barrel and scoped setup, weave a rich tapestry of history. For enthusiasts of history, firearms, or both, this M1 Carbine serves as more than just a weapon. It is a testament to American ingenuity and resilience during a transformative period in global history.

Categories: Semi Auto Rifles
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: IBM
Model: M1
Caliber: 30 Carbine
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