HME Multi-Use Steel Platform Post Brackets 4pk #HME-ELEV-4PK

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Hunting Made Easy (HEM) has answered the call of whitetail and wild hog hunters across the land with their new Platform Brackets. Now, setting up a safe, durable, elevated hunting platform has never been easier. There are many reasons why a semi-permanent elevated platform is the ideal type of stand for hunting, be it no-setup convenience, the security of a broader and more stable alternative to conventional tree stands or ladder-type stands, hunting over perpetual and long-established travel routes, bedding areas or food sources that do not require frequent changes in location or simply the freedom of movement that a larger platform stand offers. Whichever the case, hunters looking to build their own elevated platform stands will appreciate the new Platform Bracket 4-Pack from HME.
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Condition: New
Manufacturer: HME
SKU: DUN-44273
UPC: 888151016916
Vendor: Dunns
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