Gun Soc VCI Rust Inhibitor Impregnanted Shotgun/Rifle Sock 48-56" Black #VCIGS52BLA

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The Gun Soc VCI Rust Inhibitor Impregnated Shotgun/Rifle Sock is a patented product designed to combat corrosion. Oxygen, moisture and condensation in the air can quickly corrode a gun. The VCI Gunsoc establishes an invisible barrier around your gun which virtually eliminates any chance for water or oxygen to react with the metal. VCI penetrates deep into the tiniest cracks and crevices that oils can't reach to neutralize the effects of water and oxygen. The Gun Soc VCI Shotgun and Rifle Stock slowly releases compounds within a sealed airspace to create an invisible barrier a few molecules thick that actively prevent surface corrosion. Patented for corrosion protection. Protects against nicks and scratches. Reaches places that oils cannot penetrate. A small investment to protect our large one.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Battenfeld
SKU: DUN-11764
UPC: 776509526111
Vendor: Dunns
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