Dickinson CK2 TP Semi Auto Pistol Grip 12 Ga 18" Barrel 5 Round CK212TP 3" Tac Pro

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Dickinson Arms takes great pride in making Guns of Distinction accessible to shooting and hunting enthusiasts of all types. Their Turkish factories deliver a rare combination of quality, old-world craftsmanship and innovative manufacturing techniques, resulting in premium quality shotguns you’ll be proud to own, proud to shoot and proud to pass down to future generations.



Manufacturer: Dickinson
Product Line: CK212
Caliber: 12 Gauge
Action: Semi-Automatic
Capacity: 5 Rounds
Barrel Length: 18.5"
Finish: Black

Chamber: 3"

Categories: Semi Auto Shotguns
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Dickinson Arms
Model: CK2
Caliber: 12 GA
SKU: 687748696711
UPC: 687748696711
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (9)
By KC on 02/14/24
Perfection at a discount!

Gun is a steal of a deal. You won’t find it lower at this price. Not a single issue while firing over 100 rounds in the first day. Comes with a nice case too!

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By Gopher on 06/15/23
Smooth purchase - - Fast Ship

Was Smooth purchase - Fast shipping too - sadly new WA state law just passed & I wasn't able to take possession - - -

Courteous customer service & smooth return

Have made a new purchase since which is already in shipping

By Tom C on 01/12/22
Impeccable customer service !!!!!

Great value !!

By MarkR on 01/06/22
Quick attention regarding my order promptly shipped a few questions I had called courteous employees answered my questions service WS right on

Haven't had the chance on using my Dickinson ck2 to 12 ga.can't wait to try it out

By Randall Orso on 12/22/21
Quick and Easy

Great buy, it shipped to my FFL in a timely manner and the price was unbeatable.

By Papa Chuck on 12/15/21
Good bang for the buck!

Overall I like the shotgun. It's very similar to my Citadel Warthog Tactical Semi-auto (probably made by the same Turkish shotgun factory). Shoots good, no function problems. I don't like the small front sight and no way to add a rear sight for more accurate quick sighting. This is the shotgun I decided to keep by the back door with high velocity buckshot to pop coyotes or aggressive bucks!... so it needs to be more accurate and quick to acquire than typical field shotguns like my Mossberg pump. I added a TruGlo snap on front sight that helps a lot (the model that fits over a vent rib even though it's not on a vent rib... it's higher than standard snap ons to be visible above the heat shield and it's bright and quick to acquire.

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By Paul may on 12/11/21
Very good product for the price. Also the employees are very polite and helpful with any questions.

Very nice product

By David on 11/19/21

All shotguns have a choke. May not be a removable choke but nevertheless still a choke built in the muzzle.

By ROB on 11/11/21

This is my review and is not meant to be critical, so please don't read it that way.
Why did I buy the Dickinson when there are so many look alike shotguns? Simple, Dickinson has a parts and repair location in Florida, USA.
Needs a rear sight, but Dickinson does not help out there at all. I'm thinking of a Green Dot on the Dove Tail rails.
There is no choke, its smooth-bore, but this is a tactical shotgun after all.
Action is smooth. Had the sear surface polished (no change of angle) that took off a pound of trigger pull.
All the several gun's I tried in store did not have a heavy trigger like this, so I'm expecting it will improve with working the action and shooting.
Part of the trigger issue is that by design, the trigger works against the bolt recoil/return spring on initial pull.
The hand grip does wonders to counter-balance the trigger pull issue.

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