RAVIN Crossbow .003 Carbon Match Grade Arrows,6 Pack

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  • STRAIGHTNESS TOLERANCE: .001" This lighted bolts has a straight tolerance of .001
  • HIGH-IMPACT BRASS THREADED INSERTS: There is a high impact bass threaded inserts in this lighted bolts
  • 2" HIGH-PROFILE OFFSET VANES: There is a 2 inches high profile off set vanes for this
  • RAVIN ARROW CASE: Just as you would buy a case to protect your crossbow, you should also consider protecting your arrows with the new Ravin Arrow Case.
  • THE FOAM ARROW HOLDERS: The foam arrow holders are attached to the case via Velcro, so you can move them up/down the arrow shaft for maximum protection.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Ravin Crossbows
Model: R400 Match Grade
SKU: BRD-NI-carbon.003
MPN: carbon.003
Vendor: Two Birds Outdoors
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