Ramcat Cage Ripper Mechanical Broadhead 100gr 2-Bld 2 Cut 3pk

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Deer Fear the Ripper

Three phases lead to complete devastation. The All-New Cage Ripper from Ramcat Broadheads is a head where the name says it all. In flight, the quiet and precise blades feature oil resistant rings to remain stealth in flight. At the point of impact, the piston-driven deployment system features a spring mechanism to deploy blades at precisely the right time. Lastly, our full deployment feature is guaranteed with our Posi-Lock Plunger System that locks blades open to maximum cutting diameter upon impact. A true mechanical that is built to perform.

Item Specifications and Features:

  • Ramcat R1012
  • 100 Grain, 3-Pack
  • Piston-Driven Mechanical System: Piston-Driven deployment system features spring mechanism deploying blades upon impact.
  • Quiet Flight: Quiet and precise blades featuring oil-resistant rings made out of viton.
  • Penetration & Accuracy: Patented Concave-Scoop Technology for accuracy and devastating penetration.
  • Bullet-Proof Design: Crafted out of hardened stainless steel.
  • Maximum Cut Guaranteed: Spring-Loaded Plunger system guarantees your blades will remain deployed to maximum cutting diameter upon impact.
Condition: New
Model: 7-R1012
SKU: BRD-NI-7-R1012
MPN: R1012
UPC: 049818214865
Vendor: Two Birds Outdoors
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