Ramcat Broadheads Ramcat Fixed 3 Blade Broadhead 125gr 1 3/8" Cutting Diameter 3 Pack

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The first fixed blade broadhead to fly exactly like a field pint when shot from any bow at any speed. Concave scoop technology drafts wind over the blades to eliminate wind planing and back cut technology cuts going in and coming out.

Specifications and Features:
Drafting: Patented deep lobes in cutting tip create an air foil that drafts wind over the blades & disallows windplaning
Hydrofoil: Once in the animal, the lobes create a hydrofoil forcing body mass outward & thus removing friction down the arrow shaft
0.032" thick
One piece stainless steel body construction
125 grain, 1-1/2" cut diameter

Condition: New
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MPN: R1001
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Vendor: Two Birds Outdoors
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